Sony 4K dual projection system gains DCI certification

Digital Cinema

Sony’s SRX-R515DS 4K projection system has been certified as meeting specifications set by Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI).

Recently announced at CineEurope, National Amusements selected the SRX-R515DS dual projection system for their new XPlus premium screens in Reading, U.K. In Italy, Cinema Andromeda also selected the SRX-R515DS, alongside Multisala Ciaky.

“We’re proud to offer our operator customers a complete family of DCI-compliant projectors from Sony to suit every cinema, including today’s new wave of premium large-format screens” says David McIntosh, VP, Sony Digital Cinema 4K Solutions for Europe and the Americas.

“The SRX-R515DS generated an incredible reaction at last month’s CineEurope show in Barcelona,” McIntosh notes. “The clear feedback we’re getting from European operators is the importance of image quality as a real differentiator for their business–particularly in the fast-growing PLF segment where the DCI-certified SRX-R515DS delivers a truly compelling proposition.”

The SRX-R515DS delivers optimum 4K image quality and low total ownership costs thanks to the unique high pressure mercury lamp arrays in both projectors for premium large format (PLF) screens. It combines two Sony SRX-R515 projectors, delivering reference light levels for 2D presentation on screens up to 19.5 meters for 14ft-L on white screen with 1.8 gain, or 3D on screens as large as 23 meters for 4.5ft-L on silver screen with 2.4 gain (installation-dependent). On smaller screens, the system delivers ample headroom in light output for those exhibitors who would like to project 3D images already going beyond today’s light-level standards.

Configuration for 2D or 3D presentation between screenings requires only the addition of static 3D polarization filters to each projector. Unlike other “triple flash” solutions, left and right-eye images are projected continuously for smooth, natural 3D.

The projector pair can be operated either side-by-side or stacked vertically to suit any projection booth. Set-up is quick and easy, using the included auto alignment system that optimizes convergence of the two projectors for accurately calibrated images across the whole cinema screen.

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