Sony launches FINITY campaign for premium large format screens

Technology and New Products

At CineEurope in Barcelona, Sony Digital Cinema 4K confirmed the launch of FINITY, a new campaign to promote the company’s Premium Large Format (PLF) 4K projection systems.

The first wave of European customers have already committed to the new offering thatcombines Sony’s Premium HDR-ready 4K dual projection technology with a complimentary suite of tailored branding assets and marketing support.

Exhibitors equipped with the current family of Sony high-contrast SRX-R500 Series dual projection systems are already “FINITY-ready” with no need for any additional investment, the company reports.

Screen owners will be given a full range of “Presented in FINITY” promotional materials, from an attention-grabbing splash and signage, to posters and PR/social-media support.

“The surge in Premium Large Format screens is bringing super-size pictures to audiences while ringing up bigger profits for exhibitors,” says Damien Weissenburger, head of digital cinema. “But we also know that introducing a new format can mean a serious investment… With FINITY the message is clear to audiences: There’s simply no better way for film fans to experience every drop of movie magic on the biggest screen, just as the director intended.”

Weissenburger describes the benefits of FINITY: “All Sony’s dual-projection systems instantly give exhibitors the very best 4K picture quality today on 12-meter screens and larger. They’re also future-proofed, meeting brightness and contrast requirements for presentation in HDR according to exhibitors’ installation preferences. And unlike other big-screen offerings, you’re not locked into a proprietary ecosystem with expensive hardware plusspecial exhibition fees, costly remastering or specific format requirements. With FINITY there’s nothing between you and bigger profits with every screening.”

Sony Digital Cinema 4K reports that several leading European exhibitors have agreed to promote FINITY in their cinemas. Vue International has confirmed 19 FINITY screens for its German operations, CinemaxX. German circuit Cinecittà announced a total of seven FINITY screens, including the world’s first Sony “quadruple” 4K system that combines four SRX-R515 projectors to achieve brightness of 60,000 lumens. Further FINITY-branded exhibition customers in Germany include Cineplex Muenster, Broadway-Kino in Ramstein, Innenstadtkinos Stuttgart and CineDrom in Donauwoerth.

Ireland’s leading cinema chain, Omniplex, has quickly committed to FINITY. “FINITY is a wonderful complement, delivering the best, brightest pictures onscreen, just as the director intended and as our customers deserve,” says Paul John Anderson, operations director for Northern Ireland at Omniplex Cinema Group.

In Turkey, Cinema Pink has confirmed its first FINITY screen at Zonguldak, and Mars Cinema Group—trading under the Cinemaxximum brand—has already installed a dozen Sony SRX-R500 series dual 4K projection systems at its multiplexes in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Corum.

With its estate already standardized on Sony 4K, Vue Entertainment is committed to FINITY. Its flagship West End venue is currently undergoing a multi-million-pound refurbishment and will open this summer with Dolby Atmos and FINITY technology in its two largest screens.