SoundFi introduces personalized audio platform for moviegoers

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SoundFi debuted an immersive 3D audio delivery format optimized for headphones. The free app, SoundFi: At the Movies, works on any iOS device (with Android to launch soon) with any compatible headphone. Columbia Pictures' The Equalizer 2, directed by Antoine Fuqua, is the first film offered on the platform. SoundFi also announced that Fuqua has joined the new company as executive advisor and partner.

SoundFi takes post-production 5.1, 7.1 and object-based sound mixes and renders them into a binaural spatial audio format that provides a personalized sound experience whether you are watching a new movie in the theatre or, soon, enjoying a movie streamed to a computer, phone or mobile device. The SoundFi audio syncs to the soundtrack, with no disruption to the fans enjoying the traditional loudspeaker audio in the theatre.

"SoundFi: At the Movies is the best solution for moviegoers and fans seeking the most immersive, headphone-based audio experience possible when watching a movie," said Chris Anastas, founder and CEO of SoundFi. "The app was created by audiophiles and movie nuts to provide premium 360-degree/floor-to-ceiling sound through headphones no matter where they are watching their favorite movies. By redefining the way to enjoy a film, we are bringing back the thrill of a movie that is more purely rooted in the audio experience itself no matter what seat you happen to be sitting in at the theatre."

Film fans install the SoundFi: At the Movies mobile application from Google Marketplace or the Apple app store, download the movie soundtrack file desired and then take their smartphone and headphones to watch the movie in their local participating theatre. With SoundFi: At the Movies, moviegoers can have the option of hearing the film in multiple languages, with director commentary, or other audio selections, all in an immersive 3D sound format.

"As a director, I'm always thinking about ways to make the movie better. We go through painstaking details in editing and mixing to get the sound perfect for the audience," Fuqua stated. "SoundFi confidently showcases to movie fans the sonic commitment and artistic intent we have as filmmakers. With our exhibitor partners, SoundFi is presenting audiences with new opportunities and options in the cinematic space." 

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