Studio Movie Grill expands Movies + Meals program with Paramount's 'Instant Family'

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Studio Movie Grill announced that Paramount Pictures has generously offered multiple screenings of Instant Family, in theatres on Nov. 15, as part of SMG Access Movies + Meals.

In June, in keeping with its mission to “open hearts and minds, one story at a time,” SMG Access™ launched nationwide the only theatre loyalty program focused on positively impacting underserved local community members. Through their purchases, along with rewards, SMG guests are able to assist SMG in offering movies and meals to local nonprofits and community members with the hope of harnessing the power of movies to inspire and change lives.  Since the program’s inception, multiple studios have joined the movement and SMG will exceed 10,000 Movies + Meals in the program’s first six months.

“SMG is thrilled to announce that Paramount Pictures has joined us in offering special screenings of Instant Family starring Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne in support of our Movies + Meals program and specifically to nonprofits serving adoptive and foster families in our communities.  The comedy has such a wonderful heartwarming and positive message about fostering and adoption based on the true story of its director/writer Sean Anders and we feel certain it has the power to move and impact families considering adoption,“ said Lynne McQuaker, SMG’s senior director of outreach.

Patricia Gonzalez, Paramount’s senior VP of in-theatre marketing, commented, “We are excited to support SMG’s efforts by offering Instant Family screenings to local nonprofits and to join SMG guests in supporting purposeful outreach and a loyalty program designed to give back to local community members through Movies + Meals.”

Studio Movie Grill leads the in-theatre dining concept with 314 screens in 30 locations nationwide.  For the past 20 years, SMG has contributed millions of dollars as part of its expansive outreach program.  SMG’s legacy programs include Special Needs screenings, its “Chefs for Children” program and annual “Opening Hearts & Minds” Award, which strive to help families and acknowledge local heroes.

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