Studio Movie Grill sees off-peak growth spurred by MoviePass

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Studio Movie Grill (SMG) reports that it has experienced major increases in off-peak attendance as well as with smaller films with the help of MoviePass.

In 2016, Studio Movie Grill created a strategic relationship with MoviePass, the movie-theatre subscription service, to assist in driving traffic into its theatres. On the anniversary of that partnership, SMG announced that it will finish the year with both positive comp store attendance and sales. The company considers its success to have been bolstered by its partnership with and early adoption of MoviePass, coupled with the growth of its in-theatre dining concept and service model.

Movie Pass has seen particular success with millennials. Members benefit from features like e-ticketing and seat selection directly through the MoviePass app.

"MoviePass has enhanced our ability to open hearts and minds by providing a no-risk vehicle for moviegoers to sample movies they might not otherwise see,” said Brian Schultz, founder and CEO of Studio Movie Grill. “SMG was amazed to learn that in some cases, as with Lady Bird, MoviePass generated a double-digit percentage of total attendance. We are in the business of creating the habit of moviegoing and we are excited to be an early adopter of MoviePass."

"The MoviePass subscription-based model can be an integral part of the future of the exhibition business and we are excited to have been the leader in implementing the model in our theatres," stated Ted Croft, chief financial officer of Studio Movie Grill. "As a conscious business, it is important for SMG to be focused on being actively involved as a partner in innovative steps towards enhancing the future of moviegoing and to supporting our stakeholders."