Vue International upgrades its largest screens with Sony 4K

Technology and New Products

Vue International has expanded its investment in Sony Digital Cinema 4K projection systems. After standardizing its portfolio on Sony 4K, Vue has now upgraded the remaining DLP (Digital Light Processing) projectors across its estate in the U.K., Ireland and Germany (CinemaxX), installing 44 Sony SRX-R515DS dual projection systems.

Each system delivers 30,000 lumen brightness levels and an 8000:1 average contrast ratio, ideal for presentation in 3D or 2D on Premium Large Format (PLF) screens. The efficient, low-maintenance HPM multi-lamp (High Pressure Mercury) array also provides affordable running costs, substantially lower lamp replacement rates and increased reliability.

“We’ve always been committed to giving audiences the best possible entertainment experience and our choice of Sony 4K has been a huge success to date,” stated Kevin Styles, UK & Ireland managing director at Vue Entertainment. “We wanted to expand this cinema experience across our portfolio and provide one standard for Vue and CinemaxX engineers to work with. We’re excited that all our viewers now have the opportunity to enjoy the ultimate cinema experience, thanks to Sony 4K.”

Vue International’s relationship with Sony Digital Cinema 4K is longstanding, with the operator already standardized on Sony 4K projection across its U.K. and Ireland estate, as well as Germany and Denmark.

“Vue is without question one of Europe’s most technically innovative and customer-focused cinema operators,” commented Tim Potter, business development manager for Sony Digital Cinema 4K. “We’re thrilled to take our partnership to the next level and deliver solutions that time and again provide the picture quality demanded by passionate cinema-goers, all at an affordable price. We’re proud that our SRX-R515DS models satisfy today’s market needs in spades, trumping unproven laser solutions.”