Ymagis Group brings EclairGame esports to Les Cinémas Gaumont Pathé

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Ymagis Group announced the launch of EclairGame, a new esports-based entertainment system dedicated to gaming in cinemas, and a first agreement with Les Cinémas Gaumont Pathé, the largest cinema circuit in France, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

EclairGame allows esports fans, professionals and amateurs to participate in championships, play popular videogames and even undertake training sessions in the comfort of a cinema auditorium. Gamers and moviegoers enjoy the comfort, conviviality and interactivity of a cinema auditorium, powered by the latest digital projection technologies.

During CineSessions, professionals and amateurs alike gather every week at the Pathé La Villette cinema in Paris, France, from 7 to 11 p.m. with live transmission on the big screen. In addition, select areas inside the screening room are open to all gamers, enabling them to train themselves and play with friends while being surrounded by professionals.

"The launch of EclairGame illustrates our desire to offer innovative solutionsto cinema exhibitors. We live in a world today in which digital technology is breaking down the traditional barriers between the different types of entertainment,” stated Jean Mizrahi, CEO and co-founder of Ymagis Group. “We want to bring the worlds of gaming and cinema together to offer gamers an esports experience unlike any other in the same exciting environment in which they can also discover their favorite films. With CineSessions, the real and the virtual come together in the cinema auditorium. We are tremendously proud to be embarking on this first adventure with Les Cinémas Gaumont Pathé by our side.”

"Whether through fighting, strategy or sports videogames, esports is an ever-growing, worldwide phenomenon,” noted Christophe Lacroix, senior VP of Ymagis Group. “It represents a new form of entertainment in cinemas in this increasingly digital era. Our goal is to pioneer this movement in France and abroad, in keeping with our mission to ensure that cinemas remain the entertainment venue of choice, while helping our cinema partners to diversify their revenue stream, help turn younger audiences into repeat customers and increase attendance. I am delighted with the success of this project developed within the Ymagis incubator, thanks in large part to the enthusiasm of the team behind it.”