Ymagis Group installs 100th EclairColor screen in U.S. debut

Technology and New Products

The Ymagis Group, European specialist in digital technologies for the film industry, announced that it has installed its 100th cinema auditorium with EclairColor™ HDR (High Dynamic Range) at the Alamo Drafthouse cinema in Austin, Texas.

The 100 EclairColor screens are currently located across Germany (47) and France (46), the United Kingdom (3), Italy (1), Switzerland (1), Tunisia (1) and the USA (1).

EclairColor is compatible with latest-generation projectors from Sony Digital Cinema 4K and Barco, and adapts to all cinemas. Unveiled in Europe and the U.S. during the second half of 2016, this HDR technology improves projection quality with richer colors, more light and definition, more depth of field and more density.

A perception survey conducted in France in early September 2017 by independent body L’Observatoire de la Satisfaction revealed a level of satisfaction among audiences of 96.7%. 97.3% of moviegoers who attended the screening of a film in EclairColor said they intend to repeat the experience and over two-thirds will recommend it to their family and friends.

With EclairColor, the level of satisfaction increased by 4.5 points, and the level of high satisfaction rose by 12.3 points. "Spectators are manifestly more enthusiastic with regard to the film projected with the EclairColor process," states the report.The full study is available at http://eepurl.com/c4AXKH.

"EclairColor has established itself in record time in a large number of theatres in Europe, in both independent cinemas and large chains such as Megarama and Gaumont-Pathé and Cineplex in Germany, and today we are proud to finalize our first permanent installation in the United States, just a few weeks after the inauguration of our CinemaNext offices in Dallas," noted Jean Mizrahi, founder and CEO of the Ymagis Group. “On the occasion of the 72nd FNCF convention, we are also delighted to share the extremely positive results of the first survey conducted among audiences, who spontaneously mentioned the EclairColor image quality as compared to normal screenings.”

Till Cussmann, senior VP of CinemaNext, stated,"EclairColor represents a fantastic opportunity for the film industry. Its compatibility with a range of existing projectors means operators can offer their customers a new cinema experience at a reasonable cost, whilst we can deliver on our commitment to the film director or the director of photography that the film seen by the cinemagoer will be what they originally intended. The strict specifications of the EclairColor process ensure excellent control is retained over the projected image, thus guaranteeing that the artistic choices of the creative teams are properly reflected.”

Forty-seven films have been programmed in EclairColor for the French market alone since the launch of this HDR technology. The full list of equipped cinemas and films available in EclairColor is available at www.eclaircolor.com.