Introducing, a new search site to help you find movies you love


Our six member studios of the MPAA have created a new search site called to make it easy for you to find the shows and movies you love online, in movie theaters, on television and in stores. And we’re launching it today — give it a try: is a one-stop shop where you can search for your favorite movies and TV shows online quickly, simply and in an ad-free environment. We connect you directly to content sites that provide every option available to buy, rent or stream the title you’re looking for. Provide a zip code and we’ll provide you with show times and locations for movies in theaters nearby. You can watch trailers and check out behind the scenes features produced by our online magazine, The Credits. You also have the ability to set alerts powered by GoWatchIt and receive notifications when the content you are interested in becomes available from your favorite providers. offers a simple, streamlined, comprehensive search of legitimate platforms – all in one place. It gives you the high-quality, easy viewing experience you deserve while supporting the hard work and creativity that go into making films and shows. Want to binge-watch three seasons of your new favorite TV show in a weekend? WhereToWatch can help you do it. Looking for that classic film you can’t help but re-watch? WhereToWatch has you covered.
The fact is, consumers have more access to content online today than ever before. A recent study of online availabilities conducted by KPMG showed that as of December 2013, 94 percent of the most popular and critically-acclaimed films were legally available in the U.S. through online services. There are more than 100 legal online services delivering movie and television content in the United States today and IHS Screen Digest found that consumers used those services to legitimately access more the 5.7 billion films and 56 billion television episodes in 2013 alone.
Said Steve Mosko, President, Sony Pictures Television: “Our industry is delivering more content via more platforms today than anyone could have even imagined just a few years ago. Over-the-top video on desktop, mobile, connected TVs – we are constantly innovating to meet consumers wherever they want to be. is another great step toward            facilitating a terrific viewing experience for everyone who loves TV shows and movies.”
This is the first time the MPAA member studios have offered a service like this, and we hope that the simple, easy-to-use design will make your ‘go-to’ tool for navigating what can sometimes be a diverse marketplace.
Greg Silverman, Warner Bros.’ President of Creative Development and Worldwide Production, points out that a site like this can actually support and encourage creative storytelling, too: “ is a showcase for the tremendous amount of talent and creativity that goes into making your favorite shows and movies. The creators who work hard to bring these stories to the screen benefit when audiences can easily find them on legitimate platforms.  It helps create an environment where creativity is rewarded, encouraged and allowed to flourish.” features a wide array of providers ranging from major sites like iTunes, Amazon and Hulu to smaller sites like SnagFilms and WolfeOnDemand to ensure that fans can find what they are looking for — from genre films, to indies to the latest tentpoles.  In the coming months, we also hope to continue to grow our partners and with them, our availabilities.