Barco projector deployments surpass 50,000 units


Barco has achieved a milestone in its DLP Cinema® projector deployments spanning nearly 15 years, installing 50,000 units across the globe as of the third quarter 2014.

Barco has amassed 40 percent market share in digital-cinema projection. An important factor in Barco’s growth has been its widespread expansion into Greater China and countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Barco has 60 percent market share of d-cinema projection in Greater China, supported by its joint venture CFG Barco Electronics Co. Ltd., formed by a partnership with the China Film Group.  

As the market for digital-cinema conversions reaches full saturation, the focus on deployments now shifts toward new construction. At the same time, Barco is turning its attention to optimizing other parts of the theatre footprint with its CinemaBarco experiences. From the lobby to the auditorium and beyond, Barco is developing innovative solutions that deliver immersive entertainment tailored to a new generation of moviegoers.