Kanbar launches CINEMAflix Distribution to assist indie filmmakers


Elliott Kanbar, a respected mentor of independent filmmakers for over 40 years, announced that he is launching a new company, CINEMAflix Distribution.
Based in New York, CINEMAflix Distribution will offer independent feature and full-length documentary filmmakers from around the world the elements they need to successfully and economically distribute their films, for one set fee. Kanbar and his partner, Donald Rabinovitch, executive VP, business development and international sales, will provide services that make CINEMAflix Distribution an active partner with the filmmaker. Those services include:
*Securing a one-week engagement at a Manhattan and/or Los Angeles theatre specializing in independent films. The filmmaker retains all box-office receipts generated during the one-week run.
*Providing a skilled film public-relations executive to help arrange screenings, prepare materials and contact key critics to review the film on opening day.
*Helping secure Video On Demand opportunities with major cable operators and with major digital platforms such as iTunes, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon.
*Representing the film for sales with key global sales agents in the international marketplace with a presence at major film festivals and trade shows such as Berlin, Cannes, Toronto, AFM and others.
*Arranging for an Academy Award nomination qualifying engagement for appropriate films that are within the Academy rules and guidelines for shorts, animation, documentaries and features at the Cinema Village in New York City and the Laemmle Theaters in Los Angeles.
Kanbar is best known to New Yorkers for his longstanding presidency of the Quad Cinema in Greenwich Village, whose films he personally curated for over 40 years and recently sold. While at the Quad, Kanbar and Rabinovitch developed Quadflix Select in 2010, a precursor to CINEMAflix Distribution. In 2013, they distributed 110 films that grossed a combined $1,000,000 in box-office revenue at four screens. The films came from filmmakers in countries such as Israel, Puerto Rico, Greece, Kurdistan, India, Poland, Colombia, Argentina, Germany and Turkey.
“The CINEMAflix Distribution program gives filmmakers a real opportunity to be involved and to learn how to get their films distributed and marketed on all platforms,” said Kanbar. “Filmmakers today are facing huge challenges getting their films shown theatrically as well as navigating the constantly evolving digital landscape and that’s where we come in and help them solve them.”
CINEMAflix Distribution will make its initial appearance to meet with filmmakers interested in their services at the Berlin Film Festival this February; they are encouraged to contact Donald Rabinovitch at donald@cinemaflixdistribution.com to inquire about scheduling a meeting with him at the festival. They can also visit the website, www.cinemaflixdistribution.com, for more information about the program and a list of the fees for their services.