When teenage Vincent (Julien Baumgartner) is outed as being gay, he finds himself an outcast in his school, having to face the reaction of his family and formerly friendly swim teammates. This disgraced, erstwhile golden boy tries to explore Paris' roiling gay scene, le Marais, but he finds it, if anything, even more alienating and scary.

From a script by Vincent Molina, director Fabrice Cazeneuve has fashioned a sensitive coming-of-age story that, while not trailblazing in terms of originality, manages to be quietly affecting. You'll Get Over It includes some nice observation in the character of a persecuted gay teacher who balks when the administration suddenly turns to him for help with Vincent's plight. Vincent's older brother (Antoine Michel), too, is an interestingly drawn portrait of an almost demonically jealous sibling. A strong cast gives nicely convincing performances and, in the central role, Baumgartner, while appearing a tad too mature, nevertheless truly makes you feel his pain. More interesting than Vincent's relationship with his best girl pal, Nomie (Julia Maraval), who unrequitedly loves him, or teasing flirtation with another gay student (Come Undone's Jrmie Elka™m), however, is that with his father (Patrick Bonnel). His hesitant yet ultimately fully loving response to his favored son provides the film's most moving moments.

-David Noh