The 'plot' of Serving Sara is sketchy at best: Joe Tyler (Matthew Perry) is a fast-with-a-quip process server who's sent out to serve papers on Sara Moore (Elizabeth Hurley), the wife of a Texas millionaire, Gordon (Bruce Campbell), who, to her great surprise, wants to dump her in order to take up with a blonde bimbo (Amy Adams). However, Sara figures if she can go on record as having served her husband with divorce papers before his notice gets to her, she can then share in the fortune he would otherwise have cheated her out of. Sara easily convinces Joe (with the help of a million-dollar bribe) to abandon all the ethics of his process-serving profession and take part in her nasty little scheme.

To be fair, there are a few funny bits in director Reginald Hudlin's film, but all of them are provided by the supporting players. Vincent Pastore plays Tony, Joe's rival process server, while Cedric the Entertainer puts a truly hilarious spin on the role of Ray, their beleaguered boss. However, neither Perry nor Hurley displays a gift for romantic nonsense, and it's difficult to detect any real or faked sexual chemistry between the two stars. In fact, in this film at least, it's difficult to detect in either one of them the kind of star charisma needed to carry a major motion picture.

If Serving Sara is to be remembered at all, it will be for the grossness of one particular scene. For reasons too dumb to explore, when Joe and Sara are found sneaking around her husband's Texas ranch, they are mistaken for the local veterinarian and his assistant. Seems there's a problem with a champion stud bull; in order to get him to ejaculate into a sperm collector, the bull needs his prostate massaged. Joe gets the job and--wearing a full-sleeved plastic glove--gets stuck in the animatronic bull while it is supposedly humping a dummy cow. This kind of coarse comedy may appeal to teenage boys, but for older guys who want to take their girls out for a fun, romantic movie--forget it.

--Shirley Sealy