For sheer silliness, it would be hard to top Doug Miles' Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Taking the "Mystery Science Theatre 2000" formula one step further, Miles retools a schlocky 1954 sci-fi B movie, Killers from Space (starring Peter Graves), interpolating low-camp dialogue and newly shot scenes, and morphs it into a tale of gay aliens sent to Earth to foil a sinister military plot to wipe out scores of queers lured to "Sodom Flats, Texas" with the promise of a free Barbra Streisand concert. For those determined to experience this, it might be advisable to ape what was undoubtedly the major creative process behind the project: i.e., smoke a ton of weed. Admittedly, some of the quips are amusing--if topical to a painful fault--but the overall effect is so completely inane that one would have to be mighty bored to even think of staying with this for more than, say, ten...make that three minutes. Just about the only thing one comes away with is the realization of what a perfect Aryan specimen Peter Graves was in his youth. He manages to be manfully mannequin-like, even given the clichd, gay-fey voice that has been dubbed over his own.

--David Noh