Raunchy, gross and as corny as Kansas, Not Another Teen Movie merrily exults in exploding the clichs which pervade the teen-movie genre. The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Can't Hardly Wait, Bring It On and other "classics" of the oeuvre are all gleefully plundered. For anyone for whom these films are a guilty pleasure, this pretty much delivers in terms of silliness and over-the-top laugh attempts. The cast, many of whom have already done time in the teen-movie trenches, has a field day.

The plot revolves around arty misfit Janey (Chyler Leigh), who falls prey to one of those jock-driven "get the Pretty Ugly Girl" schemes. To win a bet, popular athlete Jake Wyler (Chris Evans) must prove she's prom-queen material by dating her up and squiring her to that year-end ritual event. The entire goofy student body gets involved somehow. There's the ubiquitous pack of nerds, which features one sad wannabe who aspires to be, not black, but Asian (cue the headband and bad Karate Kid imitations). They steal peeks into the girls' locker room a la every Porky's epic ever made, but their efforts have a truly disgusting payoff. Jake's ex, the "Nasty Cheerleader" (played with expert comic verve by comely Jaime Pressly) is sorely put out by Janey. But she manages to lead her squad in an uproarious routine, ripped off from a rival black team, which inspires the WASP-y sports announcer to howl: "Damn, those bitches represent!" Eric Jungmann plays the rote, ignored-best-friend-of-the-heroine in a way to make Pretty in Pink's Jon Cryer weep into his porkpie hat. The "Perfect Girl" is embodied by Lacey Chabert, who does Jennifer Love Hewitt's smarmily arch, big haired attitude to a tee. "Cruelest Girl" Mia Kirshner revives Cruel Intentions' most memorable lesbo moment when she swaps spit with Beverly Polcyn's superannuated undercover agent. "Foreign Exchange Student" Cerina Vincent bares her breasts as perkily as Shannon Elizabeth ever did in American Pie. Director Joel Gallen drives the film on quickly, which is lucky in light of its high quota of clinker lines. Leigh and Evans somehow manage to be perfectly charming under the often-humiliating circumstances.

--David Noh