Sean (Dr. Dre) is in serious need of funds, with his car booted outside the apartment for which he owes back rent. His roommate, Dee Loc (Snoop Dogg), gets him a job at the car wash where he scrubs the occasional SUV, while doing a nice side business selling pot. Sean's serious work ethic impresses the boss, Mr. Washington (George Wallace), but seriously alienates Dee and the entire, hilarious crew of The Wash.

A super-gritty, millennial update of Car Wash, The Wash manages to rock pretty steady, largely due to the efforts of its huge cast, sprinkled with some real and promising talent. Director DJ Pooh maintains a brisk pace, never lingering too long over anything--a strategy which helps the flimsy, often redundant material and the plethora of improvisation that puts it over. The film is set firmly in L.A.'s inner city, where a roll of bills, absurdly large and gleaming utility vehicles, and camouflage-filling booty hold ultimate sway. A sample-filled score adds percolating flavor to the lowdown, often very funny shenanigans.

Snoop Dogg's acting skills consist largely of exhaling huge whiffs of pot and muttering "Muthafucka," but Dr. Dre makes a convincing, regular working stiff, his eye forever on the bourgeois prize. Wallace is a roaring delight, representing the older generation, who still reads the Bible but also packs his own heat and, when released from a gang of kidnappers, immediately asks, "Who's on the register?" "Bounce outta here in that rubber suit," he tells an annoying, wannabe player, "before I have you arrested for attempted leather!" Angell Conwell, as a cashier, has fabulous attitude, dismissing all co-workers trying to date her up. Eminem delivers a cameo as--surprise--a psychotic, rage-filled loose cannon. Tommy 'Tiny' Lister, Jr., Bruce Bruce, Arif S. Kinchen, Demetrius Navarro, Kent Masters-King, Ludacris, Alex Thomas and Lamont Bentley definitely add to the fun as the staff of reefer-mad, petty-larcenous, hoochie mama loving car-swabbers.

--David Noh