The tagline for The Underground Comedy Movie says it all: 'Guaranteed to Offend.' Anyone offended by unbearably bad films, jokes that are not funny and wasting 90 minutes of their lives is, as promised, guaranteed to be offended. In fact, to even call this mess a comedy is giving it far too much credit.

This is normally where I would give some synopsis, however that would imply that there was something worth discussing here. The premise, if you can indeed call it that, seems to be that thinking that you are being shocking is being funny. But The Underground Comedy Movie is not even shocking. It is at moments tasteless, undoubtedly stupid, but never funny. The film is made up of a number of skits, one worse than the next. Each bit seems to go on forever without the promise of so much as a chuckle in sight. The only thing even remotely disturbing about the film is that its creators seem to find some sort of humor in violence directed toward women.

There are two aspects of this film that I do find fascinating. One is that it was shot on 35mm. How did they even get the film stock to commit this travesty? The other is that the producers sued the Farrelly Brothers, claiming that parts of There's Something About Mary were stolen from their film. Who are they kidding?

To think that a movie actually can sink below the talent level of cast member Joey Buttafuoco is amazing, but it's true. In short, The Underground Comedy Movie may well be the worst film I have ever seen. Think Kentucky Fried Movie minus any semblance of humor. Master filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard described his amazing film Weekend as 'a film found in a garbage dump.' The Underground Comedy Movie must then be the film at the bottom of a landfill.

--Thom Bennett