In Senseless, Marlon Wayans makes a respectable big-screen comedic turn as Darryl Witherspoon, a workaholic New York City college student who will do just about anything to earn extra bucks to send uptown to his struggling ma and siblings. In fact, for that much-needed cash, he'd even subject himself to an experimental drug that alters the senses.

Of course, in Nutty Professor style, the drug causes the convenient complications that a dutiful comedy script demands. Although Witherspoon's five senses are initially heightened by the drug, there is that de rigueur after-effect that has him losing one sense at a time. This dilemma wouldn't be so funny except for the fact that, while adapting to his plight, Witherspoon must contend with snotty and nasty student nemesis Scott Thorpe (David Spade), who vies with Witherspoon for a much-coveted job at an investment bank and fights his acceptance into his BMOC frat.

Senseless also offers a likeable romantic interest, provided by Tamara Taylor, who plays Witherspoon's girlfriend, and goofy antics courtesy of Witherspoon's very pierced, punky roommate (Tim LaFlour), who is certain he is sharing space with a drug addict. Just to make sure young males get hooked, Senseless also offers a subplot involving plenty of wacky hockey competition greatly affected by Witherspoon's experimental drug-related condition.

Senseless also provides the expected scatological forays and other humor of a low order. But, to its credit, this formulaic comedy also attempts to send across some important messages about family and work values.

--Doris Toumarkine