Robin Williams, to his eternal credit, never came up with a Mrs. Doubtfire sequel, a tasteful consideration that probably never crossed the mind of Martin Lawrence. In Big Momma's House 2, as FBI agent Malcolm, he trots out his overstuffed distaff disguise of this elderly housekeeper to help the FBI expose Tom Fuller (Mark Moses), the designer of a computer worm which could infiltrate our nation's top security-intelligence files. Malcolm poses as nanny to Fuller's family of high-strung wife Leah (Emily Procter) and overly scheduled three kids. Meanwhile, Malcolm's pregnant wife, Sherrie (Nia Long), suspects her man of two-timing, especially when she discovers an enormous lace lady's thong under her bed.

Director John Whitesell pummels whatever laughs are extant in Don Rhymer's ho-hum script, while Lawrence gives his addled, always slightly off-color all to the shoddy material. There seems to be a definite, definitely undemanding audience for this stuff, and they probably won't be disappointed by the sight of Lawrence, done up like a family-sized version of Bo Derek in 10, bounding along the beach, braids and bulges flying every which way. They may also laugh, as if on cue, every time Momma's youngest charge, a dimwitted male toddler, hurls himself face down onto the ground, as did the preview crowd with whom I saw it. What they may not buy is the sight of Malcolm, out of Momma drag, miraculously cleaning up the Fuller household after lights-out. (Supposing one of the family decided to come downstairs for a midnight snack?) And parents who drag their kiddies to this may experience some squeamishness during a female spa scene which has Momma cruising the locker room for unveiled coochie.

Two cast standouts help to make this cynical commercial venture somewhat bearable. Procter ("CSI: Miami") is an amusingly snippy, surprisingly touching harried housewife and, as her eldest rebellious rocker daughter, Kat Dennings is both natural and lovely.

-David Noh