Harkness Screens launches Curolux monitoring solutions

Digital Cinema

Harkness Screens, a leading global screen technology company, has launched its Curolux monitoring solutions designed to assist exhibitors to manage their theaters. The Curolux suite employs a range of reporting tools to allow for fully automated remote screen monitoring from either the Network Operation Centre (NOC), an online portal, or through Harkness’ Digital Screen Archiver tool.

“Whether its 3D screens with better viewing performance, through to tools and apps that enable exhibitors to optimise on screen brightness, Harkness has been focused solely on helping its customers, and indeed the industry as a whole, to improve presentation quality,” says Mark Ashcroft,” CEO of Harkness Screens. “This unique suite of tools, which features some ground-breaking technology we’ve been working on for a number of years, is designed to allow the entire industry to maintain accurate records of screen performance, optimize equipment and ensure that operating conditions in the theatre maintain suitable quality.”

Curolux’s range of manual, semi-automated and fully automated tools are designed at helping exhibitors to improve presentation quality, from single-screen cinemas to multiplexes, premium large-format theatres and post-production studios.

“Some of the core features in our suite of tools include the ability to measure light on screen and automate many processes such as measurements for color, contrast, color convergence, focus correction, spectral analysis of audio channels and multiple projection alignment,” said Ashcroft.  “As well as ensuring quality inside theatres in maintained, some of these tools can save immeasurable amounts of time.”

Harkness’ new range of screen-monitoring tools are available in five variants based on functionality.  For more information on Curolux screen monitoring solutions, visit www.harkness-screens.com/curolux.