GDC Technology showcases digital offerings at CineEurope

Digital Cinema

GDC Technology will showcase its comprehensive digital-cinema offerings at booth 729 at Centre Convencions Internacional Barcelona (CCIB) in Barcelona, June 23-25 during CineEurope 2015.

GDC designs and manufactures the industry’s first standalone IMB that eliminates the need for an external file server. The SX-3000 IMB offers High Frame Rate capability in both 2D and 3D, seamlessly integrated live 2D/3D support, digital connectivity for alternative content such as 3G-SDI, and certified HDMI input with broadcast-quality image scaling. More than 40,000 worldwide auditoriums have installed GDC media blocks.

As a complement to SX-3000 IMB solution, GDC designs and manufactures industrial-grade storage devices to work in the arduous 24x7 cinema environment. The Portable Storage device is equipped with four redundant hot swappable units of enterprise-grade 2.5” HDDs; it is designed for boothless operation where the Portable Storage can be attached to the DLP Cinema® projectors. The rack-mount Enterprise Storage and Enterprise Storage Plus devices provide robust and versatile storage options ranging from 4TB to 16TB of redundant hot swappable storage that is based on five units of enterprise-grade 3.5” HDDs.  The Enterprise Storage Plus features a built-in CRU which provides direct content playback from CRU. All GDC industrial-designed storage devices also offer an optional ten-year warranty (excluding HDDs).

With cinemas worldwide adopting immersive sound, GDC and DTS:X are working together to offer premier immersive audio DTS:X to cinemas worldwide. To spearhead DTS:X adoption, GDC has been appointed a worldwide DTS:X certification service agent with an exclusive appointment in Asia.

GDC’s TMS-2000 Theatre Management System boasts over 50 new features and improvements from its TMS-1000s, which are in use in over 14,500 auditoriums worldwide.  Its startup time is 13 times faster than the previous version and is compatible across most Microsoft Windows platforms. Some of the key new features are SmartRestore function that enables server recovery in one-click; the new Apple iPad app TmsRemoteTM that extends theatre management to mobile platforms; and the QualityManager module that ensures optimal levels for projector brightness, crisp color and lucid audio.

GDC’s QMS-1000 Quality Management System can be integrated with the Theatre Management System, and performs automatic monitor and data analysis of luminance, chromaticity and sound-pressure level.

GDC’s ACS-2800 is a new automation product that is specially designed for digital cinemas to help exhibitors achieve automatic control of their lighting, sound and screening equipment with maximum efficiency. ACS-2800 enables users to control and manage their theatrical equipment with multiple options of interface including software-based Ethernet, GPIO and commonly used physical buttons required for daily theatre operations. 
ACS-2800 is rack-mounted and provides quick-connecting wiring design. More than 600 screens are currently using ACS-2800 for their automation needs.2800thatpecially and

The CLA-2000 Content Library Adapter is an innovative content ingest and backup solution that streamlines theatre operations. Users can simultaneously transfer content from a single CRU drive to backup storage devices such as the GDC’s Portable Storage, Enterprise Storage or Enterprise Storage Plus; ingest content from a Linux-based CRU drive to a Windows-based LMS server; and access content on the storage connected to the CLA-2000 over a network using the NFS/CIFS and FTP protocols on any client computer. The CLA-2000 also offers two USB ports and two eSATA ports to concurrently connect up to four storage devices, supporting access to all major file systems and taking the multiple file transferring workload away from a TMS server.

GDC is also introducing a Library Management System combining the powerful features of the CLA-2000 Content Library Adapter, Enterprise Storage Plus and TMS-2000 Theatre Management System.