GDC Technology signs VPF agreements with six Argentinian circuits

Digital Cinema

GDC Technology entered into Virtual Print Fee (VPF) agreements with six exhibitors in Argentina–Village Cines, CCA CinemaCenter, Cines Multiplex, Atlas Cines, CPM and Cinema la Plata Cinemas–to manage a financial subsidy that assists with costs involved in the chains’ conversion to digital cinema. Collectively, the six converted a total of 241 screens at 41 locations to digital last year, reaching 100% digitization. These exhibitors will recoup a portion of their investment via their VPF agreements with GDC Technology.

Manuel Arana, general manager of GDC Latin America, said, “We are very happy that these six prominent exhibitors have trusted us for this important move. This agreement demonstrates once again the flexibility of our VPF program, which allows both big chains and independent exhibitors to benefit from our digital cinema financial subsidies.”

GDC Technology has eight years of VPF experience and manages over 6,000 screens under more than 800 VPF agreements with worldwide content distributors and exhibitors. The company has 13 offices and 29 local service centers around the world.