CE+S and Unique Digital announce partnership to launch Cielo in Europe

Digital Cinema

Las Vegas—Cinema Equipment and Supplies (CE+S), a global leader in digital cinema solutions, and Unique Digital Ltd., Europe’s leading provider of software solutions for the management and delivery of digital cinema, have announced an exclusive partnership to begin commercialization of Cielo, CE+S’s proprietary cloud-based monitoring and support platform in Europe and the Middle East.

As part of the exclusive agreement, Cielo will be integrated with Unique Digital’s full suite of industry-leading products, including RosettaBridge™ TMS. Unique Digital will immediately kick off an initial deployment of Cielo across 260 screens in Europe.

“Making Cielo available in the European and Middle Eastern markets is an important event in our growing partnership with Unique Digital around the world,” said Guillermo Younger, president, CE+S. “By joining forces and marrying our technologies we can continue making groundbreaking progress and leading the industry into a new age of performance and innovation.”

Cielo’s cutting-edge mobile management capabilities, unsurpassed intelligence and analytics reporting features, combined with Unique Digital’s product suite, will allow cinema owners to drive greater strategic business decisions and improve operational efficiencies, while focusing on delivering a superior customer experience to their theater audiences.

“In Cielo we immediately saw a product of the quality we were looking for to include as part of our total cinema offering to the market,” said Phil Morris, COO of Unique Digital. “Unique Digital is about functionality, quality and innovation, and in CE+S we have a partner with the same values.”

CE+S’s launch of Cielo at CinemaCon in 2015 marked a turning point in theater operations, as exhibitors joined the Internet of Things (IoT) era with a technology allowing them to proactively manage their business with unmatched mobility and real-time visibility. To date. Cielo has been deployed to over 2,000 screens across the Americas.

In 2015, CE+S and Unique Digital signed a partnership combining their market-leading positioning and expertise to provide comprehensive software and support solutions for the Americas region.

Cielo’s one-stop mobile management capabilities include remote monitoring, real-time reporting and alerts, rapid-response technical support, and advanced visibility features that allow clients to increase business efficiencies and provide superior customer experience to their movie theater audiences.  

For more information, visit www.cielocinema.com.