Clover and Maze plan to install 100 Barco digital projectors in Myanmar

Digital Cinema

Clover Solutions has signed a multi-million-dollar deal with local company Maze for the installation of up to 100 Barco digital-cinema projectors across Myanmar. The agreement is part of an ambitious project to revitalize Myanmar’s film industry. In the course of two years, 100 new cinemas will be built across the country.

In the early 1980s, Myanmar counted more than 400 cinemas. By 2010, their number had dropped to around 40. After interviewing people across the country, U Lwin Moe, managing director of Maze, discovered that many people were unable to watch films because their area lacked a cinema. “For example, there wasn’t a single cinema in Mawlamyin, despite a population of some 300,000,” he said.

For this project, Maze and Clover Solutions will prioritize towns without a movie theatre. So far, two cinemas are already being built: one in Aungban, Kalaw township in Rangoon’s Taik Kyi and one in Shan State’s Aungban township. If these are successful, the construction of another 98 cinemas will start in November, each counting 316 seats.

“Only by building more cinemas can we save the Burmese film industry,” Moe said during his speech at the July 1 signing ceremony. “But we need to attract audiences with good-quality theatres.”

In this context, Clover Solutions and Maze have opted for Barco’s digital-cinema projector with an Alchemy server. “Our digital-cinema projector with Alchemy server was designed to enable exhibitors to go digital with minimum hassle and risk,” says Eddie Tan, general manager, Barco Southeast Asia, Entertainment & Corporate. “Needless to say, we are extremely honored to see our solution play a vital role in such a fantastic project.”