Sony projectors offer HDR experience at CinemaCon

Digital Cinema

Exhibitor-services specialists CinemaNext has selected Sony Digital Cinema 4K’s SRX-R515P projector to showcase revolutionary EclairColor digital high-dynamic range (HDR) color technology at CinemaCon.

Content mastered in EclairColor is being screened throughout the convention in the Tribune Room at the Caesars Palace Conference Center. Accredited show visitors can reserve a demonstration at

Offering light output levels ranging from 9,000 to 60,000 lumens to suit every size screen, all Sony SRX-R500 Series 4K projectors are HDR-ready, offering an industry-leading average contrast ratio of 8000:1—exceeding specifications set for screening movies mastered using EclairColor’s digital mastering solution. This allows exhibitors to present 4K HDR content with a dramatically expanded range of on-screen brightness levels, from bright highlights to rich detailed blacks and shadow areas. 

“Right now, Sony Digital Cinema 4K is the only manufacturer of affordable cinema projection equipment that meets image brightness and contrast requirements for presenting movies mastered using the HDR process” said David McIntosh, vice president, Sony Digital Cinema 4K Solutions for Europe and the Americas. “HDR is the next frontier for exhibitors, adding an extra dimension of excitement and realism for cinema audiences. And the great news is that all Sony 4K projector owners are ready for HDR right now—without the massive investment demanded by other systems.”

Created by engineers from Eclair and CinemaNext, EclairColor is a proprietary digital HDR color process that optimizes content for presentation at reference light levels of 30fL for 2D projection. This allows cinemas operating Sony SRX-R500 projectors to present movies with an expanded range of brightness levels for an impressive HDR entertainment experience.