What should I see this weekend?, 4/28-4/30


(SR)=Specialty Release

The Good

LA 92 (SR): “A you-are-there approach elevates this doc above the realm of a dry history lesson.”

Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story (SR): “There has never been a better doc about filmmakers than this one, which sheds important light on what goes into the visual aspect of any movie.”

Sleight (SR): “A hybrid feature that satisfies both dramatically and stylistically.”

BANG! The Bert Berns Story (SR): “Affectionate but still eye-opening look at songwriter and producer Bert Berns and his impact on 1960s rock music.”

The King’s Case Note (SR): “This Korean period spectacle is enlivened by the presence of a new kind of dynamic duo—a crime-fighting detective king and his genius, if clumsy, secret weapon.”

Buster’s Mal Heart (SR): “An intriguing mindbender of an indie thriller, featuring a well-rounded performance by Rami Malek.”

Obit. (SR): “New York Times obituary writers eloquently discuss the highs and lows of their job in a film of niche interest that offers fun facts and grand themes.”’

Casting JonBenet (SR): “Dazzlingly stretches the boundaries of documentary filmmaking.”

Rupture (SR): “An enjoyable captivity thriller unconcerned with the occasional plot hole.”

One Week and a Day (SR): “Both confidently directed and beautifully played, and manages to be both very recognizable and accessible yet singular enough to set it apart from its brethren.”

Nise: The Heart of Madness (SR): “A heartwarming but unsentimental story of battles fought and won.”

Natasha (SR): “A provocative coming-of-age drama.”

Buster’s Mal Heart (SR): “An intriguing mindbender of an indie thriller, featuring a well-rounded performance by Rami Malek.”

The Blah

Danger Close (SR): “War reporter Alex Quade's embed in Afghanistan and Iraq produced extraordinary insider footage of combat missions, and her boots-on-the-ground video is an important historical record. But her documentary jumps all over the place as much as she did.”

Voice from the Stone (SR): “While lovely to look at, Voice from the Stone is more than a little dull.”

Black Rose (SR): “Black Rose is the kind of action movie that flourished in the ’80s, when low-budget grindhouse fare migrated to burgeoning direct-to-video and cable markets and though it's getting a theatrical release, it's the definition of made-for-VOD: blandly competent, undemanding and instantly forgettable.”

The Ugly

The Circle (SR): “Timely ideas are not enough to buoy this thin adaptation of a Dave Eggers novel. In fact, they may sink it.”

Grey Lady (SR): “Boasts a better-than-average cast of movie and TV veterans who are rendered powerless by an ugly, farfetched plot.”

Below Her Mouth (SR): “Two women meet by chance and fall for each other in this steamy soft porn that seems to have no use for character development or basic plotting.”