What should I see this weekend?, 6/30-7/2


(SR)=Specialty Releases

The Good

Okja (SR): “Bong Joon Ho turns in another masterpiece in this complex, arresting futuristic adventure.”

The B-Side: Elsa Dorfman's Portrait Photography (SR): “An octogenarian pioneer of instamatic photography as art is glowingly featured in this likeable doc.”

13 Minutes (SR): “Superb performances, authentic settings and effective story structure all heighten involvement in this handsome dramatization of the man behind the true-life but lesser-known pre-war 1939 bomb plot to kill Hitler.”

The Reagan Show (SR): “An irony-laced view of the Reagan years and the birth of made-for-TV governing.”

Look & See (SR): “An unconventional doc suffused with enough love of the land to conjure the man it never shows.”

Le Trou (SR): “New print of overlooked 1960 French prison drama makes up in quality and purpose what it lacks in current-day shock value.”

Pop Aye (SR): “An assured and noteworthy feature debut.”

The Blah

Despicable Me 3: “Gru and crew test new family bonds in an ’80s-crazy adventure that’s a hair too slick, yet still a fine showcase for Steve Carell.”

Baby Driver: “Fueled by a retro soundtrack and an anarchic spirit, Baby Driver is like Drive on speed, a short-attention-span thriller that is a joyride for Millennials until it runs out of gas.”

2:22 (SR): “An intriguing exploration of fate vs. circumstance and coincidence that ends up being far better than it should be, but only if it’s not taken too seriously.”

Mali Blues (SR): “Those who respond to foreign sights and thoughtful music played by artists at the top of their game will enjoy Mali Blues, a vibrant slip of a documentary from German director Lutz Gregor. Others might find their attention wandering.”

The Little Hours (SR): “Jeff Baena’s 14th-century-set comedy is an uneven but amusing mix of pious profanity.”

The Skyjacker’s Tale (SR): “A needlessly scrambled but TV-ready true-crime doc.”

The Ugly

The House: “Proof that 'The House' doesn't always win.”

Reset (SR): “Scientist travels through time to rescue her kidnapped son in a dull, preposterous Chinese–Korean co-production.”

Darkness Rising (SR): “Generic haunted-house story will have trouble standing out from a crowded summer theatrical environment.”