Real-Time Feedback: SurveyMe provides insights on moviegoer attitudes


Customer feedback is an invaluable resource that helps businesses make better decisions and minimize risk. The trouble is that the process of gathering feedback can be cumbersome and agonizingly slow. This is where SurveyMe comes in.

SurveyMe is a free app available for customers to download on their Apple or Android smartphones. The app maps out businesses in the area who are willing to give an INSTANT reward, free gift, coupon or sample in exchange for feedback about their establishment. By using this methodology, SurveyMe has been able to generate thousands of responses in a very short amount of time.

All survey responses are real-time because responses are given on a customer’s smartphone. This enables you to capture a customer’s thoughts while they are still in the establishment, meaning their opinion is unlikely to have changed or been skewed by outside forces. This is valuable because customer experience in the establishment matters, but any opportunities to improve an experience will matter more. Take every opportunity to turn someone from a detractor into a promoter. 

The benefit of this to customers is that they receive discounts and freebies, while the benefit for businesses is gathering accurate customer feedback with a seven to fourteen percent response rate (compared to the .01 percent of receipt surveys). This fosters a beneficial two-way relationship between the customer and the business, assisting in this higher-than-industry-average response rate.

By movie theatres giving away something like free popcorn, for example, customers receive something tangible and businesses have the opportunity to upsell. For instance, a movie theatre using SurveyMe offered free popcorn as a reward and saw their concession stand profits rise by ten percent. They thought of the free popcorn not as a giveaway, but as an upsell opportunity and a way to elevate the moviegoer’s experience.

Therefore, on top of an overall increase in revenue, theatre owners gain valuable insights. This has helped them save money on unnecessary upgrades and find new, popular concession items.

SurveyMe also offers a White Glove Service, led by their survey experts, to help clients get the most out of their customer feedback insights. Not only do they know which questions to ask, these experts break down the analytics for you to help you understand the health of your business.

Today, SurveyMe’s network continues to grow in both app users and businesses. They aim to help movie theatres consistently meet the desires of their customers by bridging the gap between exhibitors and moviegoers. In other words, through real-time feedback and rewards, SurveyMe sets you up for success.