Refreshing Partnership: Coca-Cola values the moviegoing experience

Cinemas Features

At The Coca-Cola Company, movies are a part of our heritage and our future. We are honored to join our industry partners and peers at ShowEast 2017 and look forward to spending a few days together in beautiful South Beach, Florida, refreshing and connecting with the filmmakers, media professionals and theatre owners and operators who are as committed as we are to creating a magical moviegoing experience.

Every day we strive to bring moments of refreshment and happiness to moviegoers. We work with our partners to ignite the magic of the movie experience by creating moments of refreshment and moments of simple uplifting pleasure. From filmmaking to exhibition and distribution, we appreciate and value the role you play in creating the unique experience of being at the movies. The Coca-Cola Company is committed to refreshing moviegoers, enhancing the moviegoing experience and supporting this remarkably inspiring industry. We believe the best way to enjoy a movie is in a movie theatre, with an ice-cold Coca-Cola beverage and popcorn in hand. We continue to invest resources and to make long-term commitments in this great industry to remain connected with teens and millennials at the movies. Our global advertising campaign continues to showcase our Coke trademark brands with one creative message: “Taste the Feeling.” Our “one brand” approach extends the appeal of the world’s #1 beverage brand to Diet Coke, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and Coca-Cola Life and underscores our commitment to choice and providing consumer-centric beverages for life. We have been thrilled to bring the new campaign to life in theatres around the world to continue driving our message of choice, while also continuing to bring new consumers into the trademark.

At The Coca-Cola Company, we are honored to say we have the best cinema partners and together are refreshing moviegoers all across the world. By utilizing the space and working closely with owners and operators, Coca-Cola is proud to collaborate on innovative ways to connect with moviegoers in the cinema environment and create new opportunities to ignite moviegoing magic.

We are excited about the future of this industry and our ability to shape it together. We raise our glass to all of the ways our partners continue to innovate and discover new opportunities to connect with moviegoers around the world. We look forward to celebrating another year of success and wish everyone a fun and productive time at ShowEast 2017. Here’s to a lifetime of magical movie moments ahead!

Cheers from your friends at The Coca-Cola Company.