CTC re-launches with new recruiting initiatives

Technology and New Products

CTC (cinema-technology.com), previously the subcommittee of the International Moving Image Society (BKSTS), announced a significant re-launch with a renewed vision of supporting the global cinema industry at its awards night held in London, England, on Nov. 21.

CTC, with the endorsement and support of IMIS, has now become a completely independent, not-for-profit industry organization focused on bringing organizations, professionals and students together from across the world to share knowledge and expertise related to cinema technology with the aim of improving the experience for moviegoers. 

“CTC has been on significant voyage of re-discovery and renewal over the past two years, adding new people and expertise to make the organization truly global in its outlook. The industry is currently undertaking significant change and faces certain challenges and threats over the coming years,” explained Richard Mitchell, president of CTC (and also VP of global marketing at Harkness Screens). “We believe that there is an inherent need to bring the entire cinema community closer together, from filmmakers through to exhibitors and manufacturers to address some of the pressing issues relating to technology and presentation of content and create an improved final product for the moviegoer.”

As well as providing guidance and support to exhibitors, from large multinationals to small independent operators, CTC engages in a number of activities aimed at educating and improving the moviegoing experience. These include research projects, white papers, training courses, lectures, technical handbooks, educational visits, seminars, web seminars, networking events, and projectionist certification (in conjunction with regional cinema associations). CTC is also a driving influence behind one of the industry’s leading technical journals, Cinema Technology magazine.

“Technology and innovation continue to drive change not just across the cinema industry but in the way consumers digest and interact with content,” Mitchell stated. “CTC, with its impartial approach and breadth of expertise, hopes to enable the cinema industry to understand the opportunities new technology can provide, how and when new technologies might be implemented, what the industry standards of today and tomorrow might mean and how they might be adhered to, how to make better use of the technology that exists today resolved and ultimately what makes a better future for cinema.”

As well as implementing a new internal structure comprising of an executive board and a board of governors, CTC is creating a new 15-person advisory council to help provide steering and support on key focus areas and future outputs for the organization to ensure these are aligned to the objectives of the industry. To that end, CTC is seeking volunteers engaged in the cinema industry from across the globe who share the vision of improving the moviegoing experience to nominate themselves to join the advisory council and help shape a better future for the industry. 

The revamped CTC will begin offering membership opportunities to professionals and organizations from January 2018 and will announce further details in the future. For further information on CTC including membership opportunities, visit www.cinema-technology.comor e-mail info@cinema-technology.com.