CineAsia 2017 showcases new products and technologies

Technology and New Products

The annual CineAsia tradeshow runs Dec. 12-14 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. FJI presents a selection of CineAsia vendors and their latest products.


Designed for large to mid-size movie screens between 23 and 27 meters (75-89 ft.), Barco’s DP4K-36BLP Smart Laser cinema projector delivers consistent, razor-sharp, and high-contrast images with native 4K resolution and 35,000 lumens brightness. 

Eliminating all lamp-related costs, the DP4K-36BLP provides a very attractive total cost of ownership. Thanks to its unique cooling system, the projector boasts a 30,000-hour constant brightness at typical usage conditions. Its significantly higher optical efficiency results in electricity bill savings of up to 40%. The DP4K-36BLP cuts operating expenses, reduces operational complexity and optimizes labor cost. It increases your uptime and frees you from all lamp-related costs, administration and maintenance. 

The DP4K-36BLP offers consistent DCI-compliant image quality with native 4K resolution, outstanding uniformity, and higher contrast on white and silver screens. Its light output can be dimmed to 30% of the initial brightness, enabling 2D and 3D showings from the same projector. If you already own a Barco B-series projector, you can replace your current lamp house with the unique laser phosphor retrofit module through an easy on-site upgrade. Visit Barco at CineAsia booth 301. (

Century Union Audio & Visual Equipment Co.

Century Union’s new aluminum alloy step light is made of solid aluminum with oxidation frame, which is stronger than traditional base material product and provides longer service life. Optical fiber produces bright, full-color linear lighting. It emits soft and well-proportioned light that perfectly avoids light pollution in cinema. Learn more at booth 606. (

China Film Giant Screen (Beijing) Co.

China Film’s CGS Laser system is a state-of-the-art, dual-laser, multiple-sound-format-capable, Premium Large Format solution. Equipped with the latest innovations in laser and immersive sound technology, the CGS Laser solution delivers high light output, high contrast, and synchronized dual projection playback for both 2D and 3D, enough to light up your bigger screens up to 32 meters wide (105 feet). Visit China Film Giant Screen at booth 513. (

Christie Digital Systems

With its innovative design and direct-coupled RealLaser™ illumination system, the Christie CP4325-RGB is the most advanced cinema projector to come to market. It boasts 4K resolution, offers a wide color gamut exceeding DCI P3, enhanced contrast ratios and high frame rates. The compact “all-in-one” form factor does not require any external cooling, so system complexity and costs are drastically reduced. This translates into an impressive and reliable operational life of more than 30,000 hours, with an 80 percent brightness delivery over this time. It has a contrast ratio of up to 6000:1 and provides better uniformity and a wider color gamut than other cinema projection systems. Visit Christie at booth 201. (

CineAppo Laser Cinema Technology (Beijing) Co.

In 2017, CineAppo launched a new ALPD®laser solution: X28. It has brightness of 28,500 luminance with a contrast ratio of 2500:1. And its brightness decay keeps 20% of its initial brightness within the working life of 30,000 hours. So far, CienAppo’s products have delivered brightness from 10,000 to 55,000 lm and can provide solutions for different brands of projectors. See ALPD at booth 608. (

C. Cretors & Co.

Cretors’ Poppi XL is a compact industrial counter model that air-pops popcorn. Since no oil is used in the process, food costs are reduced and finished product shelf life is increased. It’s a healthier alternative with less mess and minimal cleanup. Compact, easy to use, versatile and powerful, Poppi XL is at the forefront of popping innovation. Poppi XL has a 24-oz. hot-air popping capacity (twice the capacity of the original Poppi) with an approximate three-minute pop cycle. The easy-access motor with adjustable speed and digital temperature control creates optimal airflow for popping a variety of hybrid popcorn. See Poppi XL at booth 804. (


An innovative imaging server and audio processor in one, the new Dolby Integrated Media Server IMS3000 delivers reliability and enables you to show movies with superior sound. The Dolby IMS3000 increases your purchasing power compared to many other solutions. And you have flexibility with sound: Start with Dolby Audio™ 5.1 or 7.1 sound now, and unlock the power of Dolby Atmos® later. The Dolby IMS3000’s unified UI and simplified design make setup and operation more convenient and cost-effective, helping you deliver a cinema experience that audiences will love. See the IMS3000 at booth 207. (

Encore by Palliser

Encore by Palliser’s new C8 luxury theatre seat with power headrest gives moviegoers yet another level of comfort for the ultimate cinema experience. In addition to the power-recline function, guests can adjust the power headrest for the perfect sightline.

The C8 offers whisper-quiet and smooth operation from a single dual-function LED switch. The beautiful wood arm accent and easy-clean upholstery design, along with optional aisle and seat number lighting and optional dining tables, make the C8 our most innovative and unique offering to date. Encore by Palliser power-recline theatre seating is made in North America. See the C8 at booth 427. (

Ferco Seating Systems

Do we dare say it? Opus is the most comfortable chair we have ever made. We have spared nothing in giving you the maximum sitting comfort. What makes this recliner so special is the shape of the seat and back, which literally embrace you and give your body support in all the right places. This economical reclining solution operates without electrical motors or controls. The back and headrest are made from foam and fibers, and as you lean back the chair intuitively glides into a reclined position. Ferco’s innovative sliding design allows for a superior seating position, providing the ultimate in relaxation during your movie experience. Don’t just take our word for it: Come try it at our booth 229. (

Figueras International Seating

Figueras’ Riva Heritage chair features a seat and back made out of two blocks of molded polyurethane foam, which is part of an internal metal structure. Upholstered in a traditional way, it can be completely personalized by choosing fabrics and stitching. The incline of the backrest and footrest can be interchanged with two electric motors for each seat module. The back part of the headrest is protected by a rigid element that prevents scratches and damage due to heavy use. This element can be upholstered or painted. The product modularity allows the seats to be mounted individually or together sharing a fixed arm forming continuous rows of seats. Optionally, the fixed sides can be incorporated into a generously sized turntable. Center-to-center dimension is 66 cm. Try out the Riva Heritage chair at booth 217. (

First Audio Manufacturing Co.

First Audio Manufacturing’s digital cinema audio processor FCQA-9631 is specially designed for large-scale cinemas. Features include:

* Color LCD 4.3 touch-sensor display

* 16 channels, each with 31 band EQ diagram

* Gain, Delay, Limit and Crossover point selection functions in each output channel

* Built-in standard test signals including pink noise, white noise, Sine wave and Sine sweep

* 16 x16 matrix signal input and output selection, available for custom input-output signal.

* Ports of 100M Ethernet and USB for connection with computer control software

* Built-in technical parameters of Fidek loudspeakers to simplify the whole debugging process

Learn more at booth 501. (

Fuyi Acoustics Products Design & Development Co.

Fuyi Acoustics’ LED lighting 3D acoustical panel can be customized, with all work finished in their factory. Installation is easy: Clients just need to fix the 3D panel on the base, which saves labor costs and time and provides an artistic, decorative effect. See this acoustical panel at booth 611. (

Gabo Filter

The Barco B & C series of metal filters from Gabo Filter boast sophisticated technology. The frames are highly polished, and the frame and filter net are seamlessly binding, which improves the filtration efficiency of the product and prolongs service life. Visit Gabo Filter at booth 627. (

GDC Technology

The GDC Cinema Automation 2.0 is the first centralized system to automatically manage content storage and playback, show scheduling, power supply and screening quality. It features the SCL-1000 Centralized Storage Playback Solution, an integrated centralized storage and playback system designed to streamline content management.

The GDC Cinema Automation 2.0 reduces content ingestion time up to 90%; ingestion is performed once in around 30 minutes, then shared to as many as ten auditoriums. The Automation 2.0 also increases playback reliability up to ten times when compared to traditional playback systems, and stores up to 12 times more content (up to 400 movies) for each auditorium with its huge 48 TB storage capacity.

The comparisons are based on the operation in a multiplex with 10 screens: between an approximate total of 300 minutes to ingest a movie to all 10 screens and a one-time ingest of around 30 minutes to a SCL-1000 server; between the usage of traditional systems with up to 10 local storage devices and the usage of one SCL-1000 server for all 10 screens, and between a storage device with 4TB or 33-movie capacity and a SCL-1000 server with 48 TB or 400-movie capacity.

Embrace automated cinema’s bright future with GDC today. For more information, contact, visit, or stop by CineAsia booth 313.

GetD Tech (HK)

GetD’s E-RGB laser light source perfectly matches projectors to delivers the brightest image and best cinema experience for moviegoers. Learn more at booth 502. (

GuangZhou Plato New Materials Co.

Helping to solve the problem of environmental protection, GuangZhou Plato manufactures screens from the nanometer level. Our screens have no smell, are formaldehyde-free and non-polluting. Raw materials and production process are in full compliance with EU environmental standards through the ROHS certification. The Allianz screen ensures a high-standard, high-quality, healthy viewing environment. Learn more at booth 506. (

Guangzhou Shuqee Digital Tech. Co.

The Shuqee 4DM seat is equipped with motion simulators and the effect of movement from left to right, from front to back, vibrations, sweeping legs, spray air, pushback, etc. The effects create a fully immersive experience for the audience. Moreover, the Shuqee 4DM seat-control system uses modular integrated circuits to achieve seat controls that are automated and intelligent. Try out the Shuqee 4DM seat at booth 505. (


HCBL-HS008L/C is the latest eyewear model from HCBL, the 3D glasses flagship manufacturer and solution provider with over 10 years’ professional experience dedicated to the 3D industry. It features large frames for the best 3D experience, especially suitable for large-screen format viewing. Visit booth 810 for more surprises. (

INTEG Process Group

The INTEG family of JNIOR automation controllers has just grown by one. The JNIOR Model 412DMX replaces the AUX serial port with a DMX 5-pin port. Now the JNIOR 412DMX can provide all the functionality of the other Series 4 JNIORs and act as a DMX controller for up to 512 channels. Built-in software allows you to easily configure the DMX channels via a user-friendly web page. LED strips and LED lamps can also be controlled via the JNIOR expansion modules as part of the DMX control. Visit booth 305 at CineAsia in Hong Kong for a demonstration. (

Irwin Seating

Irwin Seating Company, leader in seating solutions for the cinema industry, introduces new features for their ever-evolving Spectrum Recliner Luxury Series. Spectrum is now available with new super-soft, deep-cushioned back upholstery styles; a plush, handsomely tailored comfy seat module, and an attractive chaise lounge footrest with operational advances that are a must-see. Additional options include a center flip-up armrest, customizable tables, dual motors to operate the back and seat independently, heated seats, remote operation to open/close all chairs at once and rechargeable battery backup. For additional information regarding Spectrum’s phenomenal comfort, aesthetics and durability/serviceability, call (866) 464-7946 or visit CineAsia booth 101. (

Kelonik Cinema Sound

Innovation in cinema speakers is one of the key successes of Kelonik Cinema Sound (KCS). More than 175 Dolby Atmos™ theatres are installed with KCS speakers. The new TC-12 and TC-14 allow an easy and fast installation of immersive speakers, by replacing the 60 x 60 cm (2’ x 2’) ceiling tile with a light-design plywood ceiling accessory or as a side surround speaker with optional wall bracket.

This year, KCS completes its bass management subwoofer range with integrated grid for audience protection. Check our references C-118-HR, C-118-AR, C-218-HR and C-218-AR. For more information, contact the KCS sales division or visit CineAsia booth 219. (

Laser Vision Technology

With the design of a light-box embedded module, the fuselage of Laser Vision’s laser light source transformation system is more accurate and compact, and can be directly embedded in the projector, so that installation is fast and maintenance is convenient. Output is 5,000 to 20000 lumens. The light source can be used for Barco, Christie and various types of projectors and is applicable to all kinds of screens. Characteristics include:

* Pure laser light source for long life

* High lumen, wide gamut, gorgeous colors

* Intelligent control which can flexibly adjust color temperature and brightness output, set up a standard network port, and use a NOC or TMS system for remote monitoring and management

Visit Laser Vision Technology at booth 629. (

Leadcom Seating

Experience Leadcom Seating’s industry-exclusive molded polyurethane footrest and enjoy a life free of maintenance. Our passion for seating engineering is not just limited to design, comfort and durability, but an intelligent patron experience, secure public safety and easygoing daily cinema operation. A range of options is available whenever you want to upgrade. Your seating orders are completely managed internally by us from start to finish. Contact info@leadcomseating.comor visit CineAsia booth 523.

Pulz Electronics

Pulz’s AeroWave QSUB118 subwoofer is powered with an 18-inch low-frequency driver which can handle 1000 watts of continuouspower. The high mechanical excursion capability of the driver extends the transient power high aboveits rating. And the robust mechanical design ensures an extended lifespan and reducesfatigue.

The driver is loaded with an enclosure incorporating aerodynamically designed vents. Unlikeconventional tubular ports, these vents minimize port air turbulence and allow free-flowing, uncompressed deep bass. QSUB118 is also designed to reproduce low-frequency effects at a high sound-pressure level. Learn more at booth 118. (


QSC, LLC announces the new DCIO (Digital Cinema Input/Output) for their increasingly popular Q-SYS network and control platform for cinema. The DCIO provides a simple and cost-effective way to route inputs from the projector IMB and alternate content sources to a Q-SYS Core over Q-LAN, QSC’s network technology. The DCIO accepts a variety of inputs including AES3, mic/line, and HDMI with Dolby Audio™ (featuring Dolby Digital Plus™ and Dolby Surround 7.1) and DTS-HD® decoding. It also includes outputs for HI/VI and a booth monitor. Four relays are available to control external devices such as dimmers, masking, etc. See the DCIO at booth 102. (


Qube Wire is a self-service, single-window system for global theatrical distribution. With a simple but comprehensive user interface, distributors can manage their digital cinema assets, assign territorial rights for their content and have their DCPs and KDMs delivered to movie theatres across the world.

Cheers is a consumer-oriented service that can be incorporated into any website to allow moviegoers to book a custom greeting to be played in a specific show of a movie. Users can preview their customized version of a selected greeting online before Cheers automatically schedules it in the show of their choosing. Visit Qube at booth 423. (

San Altar Tech

San Altar Tech’s Landscape desktop cinema ticketing kiosk has a 21-inch LED touch screen for advertising, movie trailers, schedule displays and seat selection. Payment modes include credit card, IC card, prepaid membership card and 1D/2D barcode. Printer options are on-kiosk or online ticket multi-way print. We are looking for a worldwide dealer/distributor/agent. Visit San Altar Tech at booth 625. (

Screen Solution

Screen Solution’s new Lucid EP screen is optimized for phosphor projectors. The new surface coating technology offers all benefits of their premium screen, Lucid DP. Lucid EP is perfectly suited for those looking for lower cost and higher quality. See it at booth 106. (

Shenzhen Hony Optical Co.

Shenzhen Hony Optical’s HONY-T passive 3D system hastriple-beam technology, 30% light efficiency, low throw ratio of 1.2:1, accurate gamma correction,2D/3D automatic shift, 1% cross talk ratio, single-pixel coincidence, and requires no external power supply. See the HONY-T at booth 601. (

Shenzhen Lean Kiosk System

Lien (LKS) is a major professional cinema solution provider in China. They provide 43"- 32"-21.5" touch-screen cinema ticket vending machines with 2D barcode scanner, ticket printer and ticketing vending system, and kiosks with high-speed ticket printers. Floor stand/wall-mounted/desktop designs are optional. LKS also provides POS terminals, desktop printers,movie tickets, IC cards and ID cards. Clients include Alibaba Pictures, Maoyan Cinemas, SFC Cinemas, UME Cinema and Caribbean Cinemas. Customized solutions are offered on request. Contact Michelle Chung at +86-185 6679 3876 or, or visit CineAsia booth 602. (,

Shenzhen Timewaying Technology Co.

Shenzhen Timewaying’s high-light efficiency FD-T05 3D cinema system increases transmittance from 36% to 78% and raises light efficiency up to 34.7%. Adopting unique contrast-enhanced technology, the contrast ratio reaches up to 150:1 or above, bringing you amazing 3D images. It supports 24fps/48fps/60fps high frame rates, delivering smoother motion and sharper picture images. And cinemas can use lower-brightness projector bulbs without sacrificing brightness, reducing operating costs. The FD-T05 supports cinemas with minimum projection distance of seven meters and 1.2 minimum throw ratio, and has a lifetime of over 50,000 hours. Learn more at booth 508. (

ShowTex Hong Kong

ShowTex has developed a method to perfectly achieve seamless dome-shaped or large overhanging screens. The ShowTex vacuum screen is perfect for immersive 360-degree content for the gaming industry, theme parks, educational centers or performance venues that require large-scale surround-screen setups. The perfect dome shape is achieved by negative-pressure technology. In-house CAD designers can make an unfolding pattern of your screen shape, so non-standard convex shapes are also possible. Amaze your audience by having perfect 3D curved screens in the most unexpected locations. Visit booth 326 for more information. (

Spectro Screen

Spectro Screen’s2D/3D/4D hybrid screen dramatically improves upon the previous model’s narrow viewing angle. It boasts a maximum HGA of 34 degrees, which contributes to a dramatic reduction of the hot-spot phenomenon. Moreover, this product has excellent overall uniformity and superb color reproduction range and SNR.Visit Spectro Screen at booth 807. (

Usit Seating Co.

Usit Seating’s recliners and cinema VIP seating have new functions researched and developed exclusively for upgrading cinemas. The new functions have been developed for different types of floors including slopes and narrow steps, and can also be applied in dine-in theaters with integrated call-service systems. Wireless control of all seats in the auditoriums enables easy cleaning. Learn more at booth 605. (

Ventura Foods

Ventura Foods is a leading producer of custom and proprietary dressings, sauces, mayonnaises, margarine, spreads and butter blends, oil and shortenings, dips, culinary bases and dry mixes. Through the years, Ventura Foods has carved out a market-leading, premium position in the manufacture and supply of coconut popping oil for the cinema concessions channel. This has been further accelerated in Asia and China, with our prized brands Lou Ana and Odell’s, manufactured under strategic partnership with Oleo Fats in the Philippines, a market leading food manufacturer.

Leveraging Oleo Fats’ operational expertise in dry mixes and Ventura Foods’ strong R&D capabilities, we introduced Frosted Popcorn Mix (caramel sugar glaze) under both Odell’s and Lou Ana brands to the global marketplace. Our product offering, Lou Ana and Odell’s branded Caramel Glaze, has a delicious caramel aroma, appetizing golden color and sweet and flavorful taste. The product performs very well in the kettle and leaves no clogging and burning. It is also Halal certified. Visit Ventura Foods at booth 425. (

Vista Cinema

Vista Cinema showcases the new Group Sales modules at booth 115. Expand your revenue stream, host events and really impress your customers.

The sales process for any event, from corporate functions to fundraiser movie screenings to birthday parties, can be error-prone and burdened with administrative inefficiency. With streamlined processes and robust integration from booking to payment and back again, Vista’s Group Sales shapes the future for group bookings. Seamless processes for event management let the technology do the work, so that you focus on executing the perfect client experience. Visit Vista at booth 115 and read their Group Sales story at

WuHu Star Huge Screen Co.

As the 4K movie projector and laser light projector gradually increase their presence in cinemas, WuHu Star’s research and development have created the 4K microporous laser acoustic screen. The sound hole is 0.8 mm, which both ensures a great acoustic attenuation index and solves seamless treatment technology. This product helps 4K high-resolution digital projectors meet the highest picture requirements, and fixes laser light projector defects such as the moiré effect. Eight to 12-meter-wide screens are now widely used in China, and will gradually replace existing screens.See WuHu Star’s 4K microporous laser acoustic screen at booth 507. (

Yuyu Lighting Co.

This past August, Yuyu Lighting demonstrated a new mercury lamp. It can currently be used with NEC900C models, In the near future, Yuyu will also launch a mercury lamp that can be used with different brands of projectors such as Sony and Barco. Learn more at booth 509. (

Zimage Motion Co.

The Zimm theatre seat is a leading brand of premium-quality VIP seats with headquarters in Thailand. It provides customized function and design service for your particular needs, together with a full range of styles and accessories. We are pleased to serve customers from all around the world and can assist you in building your dream premium theatre. Visit Zimage Motion Co. at booth 424. (