MoviePass forms partnership with TaskUs to enhance customer experience

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MoviePass Inc., the movie theatre subscription service, announced a partnership with the customer-experience specialists at TaskUs. MoviePass also hired former TaskUs senior manager of client services Jake Petersen as the company’s VP of customer experience.

TaskUs is a leader in customer-care solutions and has worked with high-profile companies and startups such as Tinder, Periscope, Hotel Tonight and Hootsuite.

“We want to ensure that all MoviePass subscribers feel that they are being heard and cared for,” said MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe. “We’ve been overwhelmed with the amount of interest shown in MoviePass these last few months, and the TaskUs partnership is a continued step forward in our customer-service capabilities. Improving the customer experience is one of our top priorities as we continue developing as a company. We’re thrilled to have Jake Petersen on board to lead our internal customer-care initiatives in addition to managing the TaskUs partnership, as Jake brings a wealth of valuable experience in the field of customer excellence.”

“MoviePass has rapidly become one of the most popular subscription services in the nation, and I’m excited to join the team and help them take their customer-experience efforts to the next level,” said Petersen. “We have a massive opportunity here to create something special within the entertainment industry.”  

“TaskUs is proud to partner with MoviePass, a company that shares our passion for delivering exceptional experiences to customers. We are jointly focused on improving MoviePass’ customer-experience operations and began the partnership with a deep dive into process and tools optimization. Going forward, we hope to expand and improve customer service through improved data insights on contacts, self-help strategies and channel optimization,” said TaskUs’ VP of consulting, Nikkole Shamsuddin.

In the six months since MoviePass announced its $9.95/month unlimited subscription, the service has experienced significant subscriber growth and currently serves over two million subscribers.