EclairColor HDR integrates with Samsung's Cinema LED Screen

Technology and New Products

Ymagis Group, European specialist in digital technologies for the film industry, and Samsung Electronics Co. announced the successful integration of EclairColor HDR technology with Samsung’s Cinema LED Screen. This groundbreaking collaboration will be demoed at Samsung’s booth (#2117A) at the upcoming CinemaCon convention in Las Vegas, April 23-26.

Engineers and technicians from Samsung Electronics and Ymagis Group have worked together to develop a component that allows the Samsung Cinema LED Screen to showcase movies and other content with EclairColor HDR picture quality while meeting EclairColor’s technical specifications. The combination of these two technologies means HDR images are shown at a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1.

“We are delighted that the Samsung Cinema LED Screen has been fully certified with EclairColor HDR technology, and that CinemaCon attendees will be able to enjoy this next-generation moviegoing experience,” commented Jean Mizrahi, president and co-founder of Ymagis Group. “This evolution marks a significant milestone, confirming the ability of EclairColor technology to bring a highly flexible HDR solution to not only existing high-contrast projection systems but also to Samsung’s Cinema Screen, which delivers the highest levels of visual quality and technical performance.”

“Compatibility with EclairColor HDR technology further empowers the Samsung Cinema LED screen to produce a brilliant, detailed and realistic cinema viewing experience that makes viewers feel as if they are a part of every scene,” said Seog-gi Kim, executive VP, visual display business, at Samsung Electronics. “This combination produces ultra-sharp 4K resolution and peak brightness levels that make content come alive. The resulting high contrast showcases bright colors, pristine whites and deep blacks accurately and without distortion, creating a perfect arena for both 2D and 3D movies.”

EclairColor is an HDR mastering solution that refines content within select display technologies. The equipment can be used to run EclairColor HDR-mastered content or standard DCI content. To date, a total of 127 cinema auditoriums have been equipped with EclairColor, including 59 in Germany, 54 in France and three in the United Kingdom.