Christie to showcase latest technologies at CinemaCon


Christie will be presenting its latest innovations at CinemaCon 2018, April 23-26, at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

“Christie is dedicated to improving the audience experience, by making the best cinema technologies available to our customers,” said Dale Miller, executive VP, cinema. “Our legacy of cinema innovations is steeped in real, quantifiable benefits to audiences and exhibitors alike, beginning with our development of short-arc Xenon technology more than 50 years ago and now exemplified by our RealLaser™ RGB laser projectors, which make RGB laser illumination finally affordable for mainstream cinema exhibition.”

Christie’s presence at CinemaCon 2018 will be pervasive, from both within and outside the Colosseum at Caesars Palace; along the corridors, archways, registration areas and lounges; as well as Christie’s own futuristic theatre in the Milano ballrooms.

Christie illumination technologies, ranging from lowest total-cost-of-ownership Xenon models to RGB laser-illumination products continue to be chosen by leading exhibitors including Kinoplex (Brazil), Showtime Cinemas (Taiwan), Filmpassage Mülheim (Germany), B&B (USA), Xscape (USA), VSS Southern/Movie Tavern (USA), Cinemex (Mexico) and Cinémas Guzzo (Canada).

A 40-seat theatre will feature a production unit of Christie’s first RealLaser™ cinema projector, which has garnered hundreds of orders since its official launch at CineAsia in December 2017.

Boasting a patented all-in-one, direct-coupled RGB illumination system, the Christie CP4235-RGB uses next-generation, pure red-green-blue direct-emitting laser technology to deliver an immersive cinema experience. The compact “all-in-one” form factor eliminates the need for sub-ambient external cooling, while providing rich colors and high contrast ratios. 

The Christie CP4235-RGB is the first in a series of projectors featuring RealLaser™ RGB pure laser illumination and visitors to the Milano 1/2/3 suite will get sneak previews of two future models, the Christie CP2320 and Christie CP2315 RGB projectors as well, both of which are available now for pre-ordering.

At CinemaCon, Christie is introducing its LightTIME Guarantee, which includes all the lamps necessary to support its operation during the warranty period of a customer’s Christie CP2308 cinema projector. Exhibitors can pick from three different illumination packages appropriate for their screen. Once purchased, the projector will ship with two lamps and after will automatically receive additional lamps as the customer requires based on the illumination package chosen. Christie is beginning the program with the CP2308 but intends on expanding the guarantee to every Christie xenon cinema projector as well as its extended warranty programs in the future.

Christie has installed its Christie Vive Audio solution in more than 1,000 auditoriums since introduction, most recently in a Showtime Cinemas’ multiplex in Taiwan. Christie is introducing two new Christie Vive Audio™ S Series subwoofer models, ideal for cinema LFE (Low Frequency Effects), at CinemaCon. 

The S118LP and S218LP low-profile subwoofers offer improved performance and greater installation versatility, with a depth of just 15.5-inches (394mm), enabling installs in a wider range of environments than typical subwoofers. They utilize a newly developed, high-performance 18-inch driver, with dual four-inch voice coils, integrated into a heavily braced, ported cabinet design, featuring EBS (Extended Bass Shelf) tuning down to 23Hz.

The S118LP uses a single 18-inch driver, offers a sensitivity of 97.5dB (free space @ 1m), and yields a max sound-pressure level of 127.5dB continuous, 139.5dB SPL peak. The S218LP uses dual 18-inch drivers, yielding a max sound-pressure level of 133.5dB continuous, 145.5dB SPL peak.