Cinionic adapts AdPoD interactive game kiosk

Technology and New Products

Cinionic, the Barco cinema joint venture, and Southern California-based AdPoD LLC are capitalizing on recent advancements in artificial intelligence to fuel digital conversations using advertising platforms that engage and track moviegoers in the theatre lobby.

“Our Lobby Experience platform provides movie exhibitors with many strategic opportunities to engage visitors and boost their bottom lines. AdPoDs are the wave of the future, and we’re excited to co-develop these innovative advertainment solutions with our partner, AdPoD network,” said Greg Patrick, VP, lobby, at Cinionic.

AdPoDs are three-sided touchscreens featuring sight, sound and motion that dynamically interact with consumers while delivering a unique entertainment experience. Facial-recognition technology provides advertisers with real-time data on who is interacting with their content, and for how long (also known as “dwell time”). Other key analytics measure viewership and touch activity while a user is playing a game. Digital extensions, including chat-bots, social media tie-ins and digital downloads, seamlessly migrate the experience from the AdPoD to the customers’ mobile devices to make the connection personal and continue the relationship.

“With the AdPoD network, visitors can engage with our kiosks on many levels for a rich, interactive entertainment experience,” noted Dan Bennett, CEO of AdPoD Network. “By integrating our data-driven platform with Cinionic’s exclusive studio content creation and delivery expertise, we’ve created a data-driven solution that both advertisers and movie theatre owners can use to grow their businesses.”