Lightspeed Design's DepthQ CineBright 3D receives EU patent approval

Technology and New Products

Lightspeed Design, Inc./DepthQ announced that the European Patent Office has granted European Patent No. EP 2959341 "Stereoscopic Light Recycling Device" for its DepthQ CineBright™ 3D high-brightness passive polarization product.

Chris Ward, president of Lightspeed Design, said, "The grant of this patent by the European Patent Office, in addition to our patents in the U.S. and Canada, is further confirmation of the unique design of our DepthQ CineBright product, reinforcing its legitimacy as an IP-protected alternative for theatre owners who want to present royalty-free, high-brightness, high-quality 3D in theatres worldwide."

Ward also stated, "Lightspeed Design thanks and recognizes the critical support of our longtime liquid crystal supplier LC-Tec Displays AB, whose patented and precisely manufactured fast-switching polarization technology plays an important role in supporting our now patented product.”