New products on display at CineEurope 2018

Technology and New Products

FJI highlights some of the new products and technologies that will be unveiled at the annual CineEurope convention in Barcelona, Spain. The tradeshow runs from 11:00 am on Tuesday, June 12 through 12 noon on Thursday, June 14 at the Centre Convencions Internacional.


The TIBEX T/WS-300® Projector lift from Arttech is an ideal product for every projector type: Christie, Barco, NEC and Sony, including RGB Laser projectors. It reduces capital costs by 20% and lowers maintenance costs by 15%. Maximum weight of the lifted projector is 300 kg., with lifting range up to five meters. Rigid double-rail construction eliminates vibrations. Noise at 2m is barely 35dB. It is the only product on the market with a turntable, which enables easy access to the projector from every side for service and repairs. Visit Arttech at CineEurope booth 713. (


Italian company Caloi introduces the new freestanding armchair model Milano, 360° turning, born from cinema seating specially designed by architect Riccardo Rocco for the Multiplex Anteo and City Life in Milan, Italy. A wooden shell, optimal seat and backrest opening angle, and variable-density foam to maximize comfort are the main features. This model is customizable according to the wishes of the client: upholstery, finishes of wood, padded armrests, writing tablet.

Visit Caloi at booth 618. (


The Christie CP4325-RGB featuring RealLaserillumination is your ideal choice for affordable RGB pure laser cinema projection. Designed for the mainstream theatre, the compact, all-in-one CP4325-RGB blows away the competition when it comes to color, contrast, lifetime and cost of ownership.

With the CP4325-RGB, exhibitors can impress audiences with incredibly colorful and detailed, true-to-life images. Make the switch to pure laser and benefit from a long-lasting and affordable platform that will perform well into the future. Visit Christie in suite D. (

Ciné Digital Service

Ciné Digital Service presents Ciné Office, a new ticketing system. Much more than a point of sale, Ciné Office is a global management solution for movie theatres, fully integrated with CDS’ existing software solutions, CinéDigital Manager (TMS) and CinéDigital Display (Digital Signage). Manage day-to-day operations like box office, concessions, inventory management, loyalty programs, business management, accounting, human resources and statistics with a simple and intuitive yet powerful management tool. This innovative software is a cloud-based and secure solution with no CAPEX investment, no server nor software license to buy. Hardware installation is made simple with the ability to use existing equipment. Ciné Office is ready and compatible with online sales. Learn more at booth 500. (

Cine Project

Lighting from Cine Project’s partner Nuvolight takes the ambience of your cinema to a new level. Spectacular lighting and dynamic light sequences in the pre-show make a visit to your cinema an extraordinary experience. The Nuvolight system enables a high level of automation through a unique control system. Nuvolight luminaires use LED technology and allow easy integration, even in existing installations. The specially developed NuvoTouch user interface also makes it easy to create and edit your own lighting moods and sequences. Newly created lighting scenes are immediately available in the playlist thanks to modern network technology. See the Nuvolight system at booth 623. (

Cinema Intelligence

Cinema Intelligence now integrates with OpusData, the data provider behind Opus Data integration allows customers to access U.S. domestic and international box-office performance directly in Cinema Intelligence, removing the need to chase information on multiple industry-specific sites. Combined with Cinema Intelligence’s Analytics and Forecasting modules, the integration helps customers better understand national trends through dashboards that support film box-office forecasting for opening weekend and full life cycle. Stop by booth 206 to learn more about how your film-booking team can use predictive data to make better, faster decisions and maximize profitability of your cinema. (

Cinema Technology

Celebrating 30 years at the heart of the exhibition community, Cinema Technology magazine hits the shelves this year at CineEurope with a brand-new look, more industry-focused editorial content and a new online presence——where colleagues from across the business can catch up with the latest news and check out the current issue in digital form. Cinema Technology reports regularly from all the key cinema events around the globe and brings readers up-to-speed with technical developments affecting the exhibition business, whether it’s big data or big LED screens. Head over to for the latest in your world. And stop by CineEurope booth 814.


Cinemeccanica announces the brand-new LUX 6A-8K/12K/18K/24K, the smart RGB laser source specifically designed for small and medium-size screens. With these last RGB lasers, the company extends the suite of laser illumination system for Barco, Christie and NEC projectors.

To complete the cinema market offer, Cinemeccanicaintroduces the advanced TMS Streamer to improve the performance in multiplexes by streaming movies and video content in real time. No more waste of time moving content back and forth. An additional feature is a user-friendly touch-screen inside the auditorium designed for managing private, hired and dine-in cinemas. Visit Cinemeccanica at booth 527. (


Cinesmart turns the pre-show waiting time into a unique, innovative interactive experience, providing not only entertainment but also incentives and prizes to the best players, fully enhancing the customer journey and generating engagement and solid brand retention for your advertisers.

Turning any personal device into a remote control interacting with the big screen, Cinesmart is also a universal multi-language app, but with instant personalization to your own circuit. Cinesmart allows your audience to become part of the show by enjoying a motivating experience that could also turn into great prizes.

Cinesmart is engineered as an integral interactive platform integrating all you may need for your pre-show now and in the future. Interactive advergaming may be combined with podcasts, news and sports clips, and even trailers and premium advertising spot management, or any other piece you may feel necessary in the future. It’s the complete solution to build and manage a premium and differentiated pre-show. Learn more at booth 512. (


Awesomely subtle: Cinionic launches industry-first High Contrast Laser projectors delivering stunning images on smaller screens. Based on the Barco Smart Laser platform, these models are highly efficient and cost-effective, overcoming typical challenges of creating high-contrast movie images for smaller screens. An excellent value proposition for exhibitors, they feature consistent laser image quality, native 4K resolution, enhanced ANSI and native contrast, proven DLP technology and long lifetime. The Barco DP4K-13BLPHC (11,500 lumens) is ideally suited to small- to mid-size screens and the Barco DP4K-18BLPHC (16,000 lumens) is designed for mid-size screens. See the demo at CineEurope, CCIB Level 1, meeting room 128. (


ScreenX is the world's first multi-projection system that allows moviegoers to experience beyond the frame of the movie screen by utilizing a proprietary system that expands images of feature films and pre-show advertising to create an immersive, panoramic, 270-degree format projecting onto three walls of theatres. To date, ScreenX has been installed in 145 auditoriums in 10 countries including France and Switzerland. See ScreenX at meeting room 122. (

Clever Business Management

SAGA is a new neural network engine for dynamic ticket pricing and well-targeted campaigns in cinemas. It makes a calculation of ticket pricing acceptable to moviegoers and uploads them directly to your ticketing system. Special offers for moviegoers based on the calculated prices go to CRM, so that they can be sent immediately. The calculation of the self-teaching system is based on historical data, Google search and trends, etc. Dynamic prices calculated by SAGA upload directly and automatically to the ticketing system—no manual operations are needed. Integration to your ticketing and CRM systems is smooth and fast. Learn more at booth 228. (


Freestyle is an exciting innovation bringing more choice, fun and experimentation to the consumer experience. It transforms the process of choosing your drink into an engaging, memorable activity. Pick a classic or get in the mix and make your own experimental recipe—Freestyle puts you in control. Give it a try at the CineEurope Coca-Cola lounge!

Coca-Cola also introduces the new Fanta Frozen range exclusively at CineEurope 2018.The all-new lineup is bursting with fruity flavours and vibrant colors, all delivered through impactful state-of-the-art equipment. Try them for yourself! (


At Compeso, our desire to stay at the forefront of current trends keeps us simultaneously researching and implementing—each and every day. The question “What do our customers need in order to be the best for their customers?” is at the center of everything we do. Months of vigorous development at Compeso has led to a tangible result: the Retail Orders & Concessions ATM, our latest product in self-service.

No moviegoer has ever said, “I love waiting in line to get my popcorn!”  Concessions ATM gives moviegoers the simplicity of buying products through one-touch shopping. Then, all your guests have to do is to pick up their choices at the POS. Retail Orders & Concessions ATM by Compeso helps make the best (your best) even better. Find out more at booth 222. (

DepthQ/Lightspeed Design

With superior optics, speed, brightness, sharp focus, low crosstalk, IP protection and six-studio Hollywood approval, DepthQ® 3D passive polarization for digital cinema is your proven “best in class” investment.

The new CineBright Short Throw (CBST) 3D light recycler has been designed to be used in premium-format immersive theatres with throw ratios as low as 1.13:1. It is compatible with standard digital cinema zoom lenses ≥1.13:1 and a “flat” 1.85:1 aspect ratio. CineBright is patented in the US and EU. Learn more at booth 704. (


Movie exhibitors with series 1 and 2 projectors can leverage their technology at their own pace while enhancing their environment with both a new DCI-compliant media player (DigiCine) and laser projection (Power Technology). With Digicine and Power Technology working collaboratively, there is now a compelling reason to upgrade existing digital cinema equipment rather than replace it. Extending the life of existing equipment can deliver an enhanced customer experience with a fast ROI. We foresee a migration for some customers from Series 1 to 2 projectors at some point, so our combined solution is capable of migration as well. Visit Digicine at booth 817. (

DK Audio

The DK Audio E215-433 three-way integrated screen-channel speaker offers amazing quality of sound reproduction with optimal coverage and can easily fit behind any screen (shallow 17-inch/405mm enclosure). The E215-433 comes with passive filtering between its low-mid speaker and its high-mid driver (three-way bi-amp), which lets you replace the traditional two-way bi-amp without having to modify the wiring.

The E215-433 is a very convenient solution to improve the quality of sound diffusion within a realistic budget. It can also be delivered as a three-way tri-amp and even, upon request, mono-amplified with built-in passive filtering. Visit DK Audio at booth 705. (


Save space. Reduce heat. Amplify sound.

The advanced, high-density Dolby Multichannel Amplifier can replace up to 16 stereo amplifiers, using less space and producing less heat, to lower your overall costs. With less equipment to install, power and maintain, you get a simpler and more efficient installation. The Dolby Multichannel Amplifier is available in 16, 24 or 32-channel configurations. The 16-channel configuration includes enhanced power handling for lower impedance loudspeakers. Visit Dolby in suite B. (

Encore by Palliser

Bring immersive comfort and unparalleled convenience to your cinema seating with the R2 Premium Rocker from Encore by Palliser. Designed to fit 48-inch (122 cm) riser platforms, the R2 significantly reduces construction costs associated with larger luxury recliners. The flip-up seat bottom provides easy access to serviceable components, while a durable molded back panel prevents damage and protects your investment for the long term. Enjoy consistent comfort thanks to resilient, high-density foam in the seat back and bottom, and options like rapid seat-heating technology, a USB charging port, integrated cupholders, and LED aisle lighting take moviegoing to a whole new level.

Encore by Palliser’s R2 Premium Rocker: It’s where you want to watch. Try it out at booth 423. (

Encore Performance Seating

Encore Performance Seating brings you a new level of innovation with the option for heated lumbar seating. Heated seating allows your guests to fully relax and optimize their comfort. They can now stay warm in theatres of any temperature. This feature comes with two different settings to allow guests to customize their temperature even further, along with a 30-minute automatic shut-off feature. Warmth and superior comfort create the ultimate movie experience. To learn more, visit booth 423.


Let us help bring your vision to life with the inclusion of custom wood light boxes within your theatre! These additions are perfect for your dining space, entranceways, hallways, as well as inside your auditorium, This is the perfect way to add the beauty and elegance of wood in a unique and completely customizable design. For more information, visit EOMAC at booth 417. (

Euro Group UK

Euro Group UK’s state-of-the-art Loge private enclosures are ideal for creating a plush cocooned environment for a dining experience whilst watching the film. Optional touch-screen ordering systems together with full-width dining tables that retract after use and your very own refrigeration unit help ensure a luxury experience They can also be used in foyer or open areas for virtual reality (VR) experiences—with or without seating. A padded floor option makes a good replacement for seating.

The Loges are completely customizable and are often designed in conjunction with the client and the client’s architects. Key dimensions are determined from the sightlines on auto-cad drawings. Wall treatments are chosen from hundreds of fabrics, veneers or paint finishes. Inside you can have niches with shelves that are illuminated, small cupboard enclosures or enclosures for refrigeration. Access can be from either side or any position in the front. Top it off with solid walnut capping rails (or any other timber) and a stainless-steel skirting, all illuminated with state-of-the art-lighting that is color-changeable to suit the fabrics or corporate image of the operator.

The Loges are factory-built for each auditorium and delivered and installed in quick time. There are infinite options for designs, dimensions and upgrades, together with a half-version with no front wall. Learn more at booth 113. (

Euroseating International

There have been lots of electric recliners for years, but now is the time to change the focus with EuroSeating’s new Relux recliner.

* No more plug-in installation

* No maintenance needed

* No room restrictions

* No more entrapment or serious health risks for moviegoers

* Finally meet your budget to refurb or update your cinema halls

* Benefit from faster lead times

* Enjoy easy cleaning, as there are no closed gaps requiring use of a broom

Learn more at booth 312. (

Ferco Seating

Ferco Seating’s Compact VIP Range has been intelligently designed to maximize the audience experience. Designed for theatres where capacity and comfort are equally important, the backrest of the Zero Wall collection reclines into the space vacated by the seat moving forward, making it perfect for siting in front of walls or in privacy booths.

The Verona and Milano Zero Wall ranges are available as twin, linked or single seats. Numerous features and customizable options include shared armrests, footrest and backrest auto return, integrated tables, lighting, built-in cupholders, USB charging points and an easy-lift facility for ease of cleaning. Visit Ferco Seating at booth 217. (

Figueras Seating Solutions

There are a lot of opportunities worth exploring when it comes to an elevated viewing experience in movie theatres. And Figueras’ new model Riva Club is designed to make a difference.The result: a softer feeling, achieved by a new ergonomic design, a better user experience, faster movement, and an elegant look and feel.

Form and function must converge—and forward-thinking Figueras Group achieves this convergence. Figueras’ Made To Measure division covers any demand from the high-end cinema market. Learn more at booth 201. (

Flexound Systems

Flexound, the Augmented Audio Company, offers revolutionary sound experiences for cinemagoers through patented new technology that complements current immersive sound systems. Flexound brings the immersive audio concept to a totally new level by letting moviegoers truly feel the sound. The Flexound Augmented Audio Technology combines high-quality audio and distributed vibration of the sound waves to enable users to simultaneously both hear and feel sounds. This technology can be integrated into traditional elements like cinema seats, cushions, cars and furniture. It transforms these surfaces to a truly immersive sound source that the world has never seen before. Experience Flexound at booth 823. (

Gold Medal Products

Introducing the Hot Diggity Pro Series. Grill up hot dogs with professional style and unbeatable performance, This stainless-steel roller grill series comes in three sizes: compact, standard and large. Features include:

* Convenient foot spacers for flat or angled presentation

* Improved seal between roller and cabinet

* Heat and serve with 10 rollers divided into front and rear heat zones

* Front or rear counter serving

* Stainless-steel drip tray, making clean-up easy

* Food shields and bun cabinets added to complete your setup

For all your concession needs, rely on Gold Medal to deliver snacks, smiles and success. Stop by CineEurope booth 306. (

Golden Link

Golden Link continues to bring new innovation to their Licensed Movie Promotions, with their newest product developed by GL partner Ping Solutions and being sold to cinemas around the world.

Golden Link is bringing added excitement (and profits) to the concession stand with this innovation in film character popcorn containers aptly named “Popcorn Eaters”™This product takes advantage of the worldwide craze for film stylized character designs and has been a huge hit, quickly “eating” its way through cinemas around the world!

To find out more about Golden Link and their full range of high-quality promotions and concessions, visit them at CineEurope booth 427 or contact Alex Pekker at

Grupo MCI

Grupo MCI’s LedLine 102, 12V or 24V is a step LED lighting system for safety dots lighting, with riser illumination as optional (LedLine 201). A unique patented technology allows for even light distribution at steps and transition surfaces in cinemas and auditoriums. LedLine is made of a black anodized profile with anti-slip polymer and electronic module (12/24V DC) with 5, 10, 15 or 30 LEDs. LEDs are available in blue, red, yellow, green or white. Available Standard or ADA-Compliant version. Different accessories available include blind profiles, emergency lighting power supply and aisle number plate. See the LedLine at booth 805. (

Harkness Screens

The Perlux® HiWhite is a brand-new white gain screen family for 2D and active 3D movies. Perlux HiWhite reimagines Harkness' previous Perlux products and incorporates Nanolast™ technology to create the whitest-ever gain screen, providing a breathtaking presentation that showcases movie content as the filmmaker intended.

The new surface technologies deliver ultra-wide viewing angles, a minimum 40% increase in half-gain angle, dramatically improved uniformity, superior color and contrast, and is laser-ready. Perlux HiWhite is available globally in three gain levels (1.4, 1.8 and 2.2) with a maximum size of 18.28m (60 ft.) in height and screens can be shipped either rolled or folded in a box for expedited delivery. See the Perlux HiWhite in meeting room 131. (


HCBL-HS008L/C is the latest eyewear model from HCBL, a 3D glasses flagship manufacturer and solution provider with over 10 years’ professional experience. It features large frames for the best 3D experience, especially suitable for large-screen format viewing such as IMAX 3D. Learn more at booth 605. (


Based on the Hony3D-T triple-beam 3D system, the Hony3D-T-Laser is optimized for RGB laser light sources and effectively solves the horizontal color stripe problem. At the same time, it has the same high efficiency, low crosstalk and excellent color reproduction of Hony3D-T. It also boasts perfect image alignment and picture clarity and long-term image stability. Visit Hony3D at booth 725. (


Along with the newest innovation in frozen equipment from the ICEE company, a single-barrel, multi-flavor dispenser with touch-screen technology, comes the world’s first frozen nitro cold-brew coffee, Twisted Chill. ICEE’s nitro cold brew has a silky-smooth texture, unlike any frozen coffee you have tasted before. The nitrogen adds flavor to the product and qualities dairy would bring, but without real dairy added. The product is infused with nitrogen, made with real Arabica coffee beans using a cold-brew extraction process. It can be served with a variety of decadent and savory toppings to dress up the drink and command an attractive retail price. Visit ICEE at booth 729. (


IMAX with Laser provides audiences with strikingly crystal-clear and vivid images to suspend disbelief when experiencing today’s biggest blockbusters. The next-generation 4K laser projection system features a new optical engine and suite of proprietary IMAX technologies that deliver increased resolution, sharper and brighter images, deeper contrast as well as the widest range of colors available to filmmakers to present more distinct, exotic colors than ever before. The new system will also feature IMAX's 12-channel sound technology that incorporates new side and overhead channels to deliver greater dynamic range and precision for ultimate audio immersion and sound you can feel. Learn more in meeting room 132. (

Jack Roe

Jack Roe has been providing cinema IT solutions for over 20 years. Products include cinema ticketing systems, digital signage, cinema websites, phone systems and mobile apps.

Jack Roe TaPoS combines the reliability of a server-based system with the flexibility of cloud-based access and is often the first company to launch pioneering new features, helping their clients maximize revenue from every potential moviegoer.

More back office tools are available through every day including:

* Payroll and Accounts Export

* Web and Mobile Analytics including conversion rates, current active users, device breakdown and audience overview

*Push notifications with segments allowing you to target specific audiences

*Comparison reporting, letting you compare entire periods or products to see how cinemas are performing

See Sandie Caffelle, global sales manager, at CineEurope booth 400. (,

Jimmy Products

Jimmy Products has perfected the classic triangular dipping nacho into a great snack to share with friends and family—or enjoy it yourself! We don’t use pre-ground flour—instead, we gently cook and grind the corn to create our dough before shaping it into perfect dipping triangles. Take, for example, the naturally blue-colored Blue Corn nachos. This special purple or blue corn originates from Mesoamerica and is famous and widely used in home kitchens throughout Peru.

Jimmy’s Supreme Blue Corn is just one of the delicious nacho flavors. And with our new fresh dipping sauces, it will be a tasty celebration. The fresh guacamole sauce, fresh tomato salsa sauce or fresh hummus are all perfect partners for Jimmy’s Supreme Nachos. Try Blue Corn nachos at booth 801. (

Joe & Seph’s Gourmet Popcorn

To celebrate the release of Twentieth Century Fox's blockbuster The Greatest Showman, Joe & Seph’s created a limited-edition New York Cheesecake popcorn, inspired by the film. Each mushroom corn is coated in creamy caramel with hints of Madagascan vanilla, followed by a tangy cream cheese which is followed by a crunchier biscuit base—the authentic taste of New York. Sample it at booth 812. (

Kelonik Cinema Sound

Kelonik Cinema Sound (KCS) presents a newly designed set of surround speakers aimed at the immersive sound format for big and intermediate theatres. Many customers were expecting this evolution. KCS finally launched it and it is available now.

The new design of the SR-28-N and SR-29-N features a 90° x 50° horn for better coverage and dispersion control of the sound. It features a 12’’ low-frequency speaker with high sensitivity and large power-handling characteristics, providing a high level of bass sound and extended frequency response. Learn more at booth 426. (

Kora Textiles

Kora Textiles will present the latest edition of top-quality, high-tech polyester, polyamide and mixed woven, circular and flat-warp knitted fabricsfor cinema seats, meeting the highest standards of non-flammability, abrasion resistance and environmental benefits. These fabrics are combined with flame-retardant polyurethane foam and scrims that allow easy mounting on the rack of the cinema seat. Kora Textiles will also present projection walls for cinemas. Stop by booth 734. (


Lars’ state-of-the-art cable management system allows you to place the cabling within the profile while providing a unique LED lighting effect along the way. The whole system is made out of quality metal which guarantees the highest durability in heavy-duty conditions. This system provides furrow-less installation with no need for heavy tooling. Just take the power cable, plug it into the power driver and screw the LED profiles to the stairs. Thanks to special aluminum profiles and easy plug-and-play cable sockets, installing LED stair-nosing has never been easier. Visit Lars at booth 718. (

Leadcom Seating

Cinema patrons expect comfort, and the heavy footfall means that your seating must be robust, durable, quick to clean and easy to maintain.For each of these challenges, Leadcom Seating providesan industry innovativesolution designed and engineered specially for all challenges your cinemas face today and tomorrow:

* Wall-hugger mechanism for space maximization

* Replaceable PParm and rear back protector and PU armrest padding for extra durability and easy maintenance

* Electric-powered recline, for sink-into-your-seat-comfort

* Floor-risen frame and foldable footrest for easy, fast cleaning

* Remote-control system for opening and closing all recliners in your auditorium

Visit Leadcom Seating at booth 235. (

Lighting Technologies International

Lighting Technologies International (LTI) announces the release of six new xenon lamp models at CineEurope. These models include the XDC-1600B, XDC-2500B and XDC-7000B for Barco digital cinema projectors, the XDC 6500BI2 for IMAX Gen III projectors and the XDC-2100C and XDC-2300C for Christie digital cinema projectors. Stop by booth 523 to learn more about LTI’s complete product offering. (

Liven S.A.

Liven S.A.’s new products include Tortilla Chip and Chia; “Mexitos On the Go,” their tasty tortilla chip now ready to dip in a small combo; and Zanuy bio and gluten-free organic nachos.Come see these and more at booth 404. (

LSI Software

POSitive Cinema introduces our brand-new Cinema Assistant App. We designed this solution as a tool for optimizing work and improving productivity in your cinema circuit. Cinema Asistant App will help you in the following areas: Ticketing, Ticket Control, Dine-In and Restaurant Ordering. Thanks to this app, your employees gain a new way to sell and check tickets, concessions, restaurant products and all services available, all in the palm of their hand. Efficiency and customer service will both improve. See the Cinema Assistant App at booth 622. (

Lumma 4D

Lumma’s 4D E-Motion is a theatre system equipped with motion seats and outstanding special effects—wind, air shots, vibration, water, scent, lights—effectively synchronized with the action on the screen. Lumma offers comprehensive and skilled service for 4D E-Motion theatres’ implementation: study of feasibility, conventional theatre adaptation, development, production, installation, support and maintenance worldwide. Visit Lumma at booth 730. (

Mag Audio

The MAG DC series (DC 600A, DC 1200A and DC 3000A) is a new, versatile signal distribution and amplification platform for cinemas. It’s a new approach, allowing a simpler cinema system design without the necessity for any additional cinema processor. Based on many years of experience in cinema installations, it features smart, efficient design while providing innovative options for theatres.

These amplifiers include a modern DSP, ready speaker presets, remote control and monitoring via dedicated software suite and digital AES/EBU input capability, that can be used for direct connection with the cinema server and integration with TMS. See the DC series at booth 307. (

NEC Display Solutions

The NEC NC3541L 4K RB laser projector is taking advantage of both laser phosphor and RGB laser technologies, resulting in a powerful projector that delivers compelling benefits in terms of cost, operational efficiency and immersive image quality. The efficient light-processing system has a low initial cost compared to RGB laser projectors and can deliver huge savings in operational costs. Easy and space-saving installations are supported through a single solution without external chillers, light sources or the need for exhaust ventilation. Thanks to the high initial brightness level of 35,000 lumen, this projector is a premium solution for large and premium-format cinema screens of up to 32m. Learn more in suite C. (

PCO Group

PCO Group presents their newly developed “Coffee to Go” cup at CineEurope. The eye-catching IML cups stand out with their high-quality photo printing finish and they can also be produced in an “own label” format. Included with this cup is a specially designed lid to prevent any spillage when you are “on the go.” Stop by booth 223. (

Pulz Electronics

The Pulz Remote Monitoring System (RMS) is easy to use and reliable,enabling the efficient monitoring of a Pulz audio system. The system allows operators to observe the status of all monitored equipment at a glance, using a user-customizable map-based display. The system also offers the option of a Central Monitoring System and may also be used for message alerts via email/sms.

Pulz RMS software may be installed on the same network as the digital projection system. This close integration allows both applications to share the same communication modems and Internet connections, reducing infrastructure costs. Visit Pulz at booth 727. (


The QSC CMS-5000 is a next-generation cinema media server that features onboard solid-state storage, exceptionally fast high-speed DCP ingest, dual HDMI 2.0 ports for alternate content, and native support for Q-SYS, QSC’s network platform for integrated sound, picture, and control. It is capable of JPEG 2000 DCI content playback at 2k 2D up to 60 frames per second, and 4k 3D up to 30 frames per second. The CMS-5000 also supports DTS:X (64 channels) and Atmos immersive sound formats.

As part of the Q-SYS ecosystem, the CMS-5000 in Q-SYS Designer software appears as a component, providing full system interconnection, audio channel routing, status monitoring, and control. See the CMS-5000 at booth 629. (

Qube Cinema

Qube Wire is a self-service, single-window system for global theatrical distribution. With a simple yet comprehensive user interface, distributors can manage digital cinema assets, assign territorial rights for content and have Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) and keys (aka Key Delivery Messages or KDMs) delivered to movie theatres across the world. Theatres can manage their own digital cinema device details and access their Universal Inbox on the Qube Wire service as well. Newly added features include broadband and satellite delivery to theatres via Theater Appliance, Wire Safe™ for full control over critical security elements, and data visualisation with What’s-on-Wire (WOW). Learn more at booth 706. (

Quinette Gallay

Quinette Gallay presents the Premium Vision, one of its Premium Cinema range models. Equipped with a mechanical sliding system for the seat and back, the Premium range allows an ideal seating position. The harmony of its neat outline is elevated by an elegant piping finish and is combined with the generous size of the backrest and armrests, creating optimum comfort. Our team welcomes you at booth 517 to test the full range of seats, or contact (


RoboLabs has reinvented the cotton candy machine. Flying cotton candy machine RoboJEtFloss is not really about the candy; instead, it's about entertainment, spectacle and something new and fun. But it sure does taste good too!

The machine is unique in floating cotton candy upwards in an even, steady and powerful flow. With RoboJetFloss we can make magic happen like nothing you've ever seen. Thanks to vertical air flow, you can swirl cotton candy servings of unlimited size. After some practice you can swirl candy floss at a five-meter distance from the machine. Check out the action at booth 617.(

Severtson Screens

Severtson’s enhanced SēVision 3D GX-WA projection screen coating provides the benefits of the standard SēVision 3D GX coating, but offers increased uniformity and brightness typically seen more often on 2D white screens. It’s also engineered specifically to increase the viewing angle over standard silver screens while also reducing hotspotting. SēVision 3D GX-WA offers the unique benefit of also being foldable, without any damage to the projection surface, allowing it to be transported in a smaller crate and at a fraction of the cost, as well as to locations around the world where shipping was previously far more difficult and expensive. Visit Severtson at booth 604. (


The Carina chair from Simko offers excellent comfort with a controlled recliner mechanism and a soft and stylish image. It has elegant design and is easy to clean, with changeable parts.

Also from Simko, color your cinema halls with acoustic wall panels. Create your own patterns with pyramid, hexagon and various shapes of sponge and rockwool panels. Take a look at their creative solutions at booth 701. (

Sony Digital

The Sony SRX-R815P laser projector thrills audiences with bright (15,000 lumens) images, bursting with true 4K detail and rich color on smaller and mediumsized screens. Precision optics and Sony's advanced 4K native Silicon X-tal Reflective Display (SXRD) panel technology assure industry-leading contrast ratio of 10,000:1 that’s ideal for presenting the latest High Dynamic Range (HDR) content. The reliable, long-life laser light source eliminates regular lamp swaps and reduces maintenance overheads. Also available, the SRX-R815DS dual-4K projection system with 30,000 lumens output is ideal for presentation in 2D or smooth, natural 3D on PLF (Premium Large Format) screens. Visit Sony in meeting room 133. (


The new SP-LF4 subwoofer from Soundparc consists of an 18-inch low-frequency driver with 4“ voice coil in a compact ported enclosure of 66 x 100 x 35 cm dimensions. With a maximum continuous SPL of over 126 dB and a lower frequency limit of 28 Hz, this is a serious contender.

We have put a lot of effort into making this subwoofer sound fantastic without external gadgetry and succeeded in keeping the cost low so every small to medium-sized cinema can afford to feature a SoundparcLFE channel. Learn more at booth 216. (


Since 1980, Strong/MDI Screen Systems has been expanding its line of screen surfaces, fixed frames, structures and motorized screen systems, which seamlessly combine quality and versality. The Strongview Vista is a result of these ongoing efforts. Recently added to Strong/MDI’s motorized screen line, the reliable Vista system comes with a perfectly tensioned screen surface scalable up to an impressive 55 feet in image width. The Vista is equipped with many premium features such as custom-welded black borders, a robust tensioning system, adaptable rigging hardware and versatile control options. It can be combined with many Strong/MDI cinema-grade front or rear projection screen materials. Visit Strong/MDI at booth 518. (

TF Creation/Velto

Veltomaya from TF Creation is a circular knitted fabric, 100%polyester FR, which can be used for cinema seats and acoustical panels. Width is 150cm, 250g/m².  It comes in six colors : Opéra501, Noir549, Muléta926, Saphir895, Azurite 914 and Eclipse 877. Take a look at booth 505. (

ticket. international

ticket. international (TI) will present the newest version of their Dolphin product line at CineEurope.

In their constant search for innovative and smart solutions, this year´s motto is: "Up-to-date instead of old-fashioned.”TI will introduce its brand new Dolphin Online Booking, which unites once-separated sales channels into one with responsive design. The result is a modern, unique and intelligent all-in-one solution for all common devices. Tested successfully in more than 20 cinemas, it will guarantee a smooth and fast sales process for the client. Automatic identification and adaptation of device and resolution make it an easy choice.

Another major topic at this year´s CineEurope is the GDPR. After a two-year transition period, the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered into force on May 25. In this context, TI has made its software data protection compliant. The newest version 8.1.300, which has been rolled out to clients, holds all necessary features for compliant and smooth running of their software system.Needless to say, that version 8.1.300 will be presented at CineEurope. Want to know more? Meet TI at booth 317. (

Unique X

RosettaPOS, powered by Unique X, is a full-function point-of-sale system, providing the exhibitor a comprehensive and flexible solution. All components work together seamlessly to provide a comfortable user experience from your browser. With native support for multiple languages and currencies, RPOS runs in the cloud or locally, for the ultimate flexibility.

Functions include : Film Management, Collaborative Scheduling, Flexible Sales, Integrated Concessions, Loyalty Card Program, Reporting, Digital Signage, Ticket Collection, Website Module, External Interfaces, TMS and Operations Integration, Kiosk & Barrier Options, Centralized Management. See the complete POS solution at booth 406. (

Ushio Europe

Ushio places a special focus on the development of lamps for cinema projectors. The company was the first manufacturer worldwide to make Xenon short arc lamps specifically for use in cinemas. In its research laboratories, Ushio uses various analytical equipment to check that every product operates efficiently. It investigates different materials for the development of its light sources and has unique simulation technologies that calculate, for example, the flow of gas within the bulbs or optimize the spatial propagation of light.

It places great emphasis on precision and therefore many production processes are done by hand. Because of this, it can guarantee the best-quality goods. Each product leaves the site only if it measures up to what Ushio stands for: 100% quality and 100% efficiency.

Now, Ushio’s already successful DXL-40BAF/L bulb is even stronger. We have developed a bulb with even longer warranty hours. These new lamps have 100 hours longer warranty time compared to the already existing DXL-40BAF/L lamp. So you can enjoy a future warranty of 1400 hours. The prolongation is achieved by design improvement. For the user, that means less frequent replacement of the lamps and therefore lower costs for the cinema. Learn more at booth 117. (

Usit Seating

Usit Seating provides functional recliners or cinema VIP seating. New functions are developed for different kinds of floors including slopes and narrow steps, while also applied to dine-in theatres with integrated call service systems. Wireless controlling of all seats in an auditoriums enables easy cleaning. Visit Usit Seating at booth 822. (

VCL Sound Experience

The coverage of our speakers is a constant goal in our R&D process. To achieve this, we study the directivity of each model and make sure that every cinema seat gets the same sound experience. After the huge success of our LW 8000 Series, we still believe that Line Array Technology is the way to go for coverage optimization.

Now, in 2018, we launch our LW 4000 Series, featuring controlled directivity, crystal-clear sound and outstanding reinforcement of the panoramic effect and spatiality of the system. Its modularity allows every cinema configuration, making the 4000 Series a great improvement compared to traditional horn systems.

Visit us at booth 413. Because every seat should be equal. (

Veezi Digital Signage

Veezi’s new digital signage solution allows you to display showtimes, door signs and movie posters on screens around your cinema. Using a database of high-resolution official movie posters from MX Film, our set-and-forget signage will update based on your Veezi film schedule. Digital signage can run in portrait or landscape formats and be customized to fit your cinema’s brand. Visit the Veezi team at booth 107 to see it in action. Veezi—the cinema software for independent cinemas, engineered by Vista. (


“Get Help,” the latest in-seat delivery innovation from Vista Apps, leverages both our guest app, Vista Mobile, and our staff app, InTouch. “Get Help” creates an integrated workflow between the two. Guests request assistance from their seat with Vista Mobile, and staff respond and resolve requests with InTouch. Guests provide details of the assistance they need by selecting an optional category and comment in Vista Mobile. A request is then sent to staff via InTouch. Visit Vista at booth 101 to hear the rest of this story and more on the Vista Apps product development journey. You are going to want this in your cinema. (