Vista Group brings software innovations to CineEurope


Vista Group International will showcase a wide range of software innovations for the film industry at CineEurope 2018 in Barcelona, Spain, June 11-14.

Cinema Manager is Vista Cinema’s first major software release toward making their cinema-management suite of products cloud-ready. The new intuitive user interface enables a cinema manager’s common tasks to be completed in less time and with fewer risk of errors.

From the Vista Apps portfolio, enhancements to Vista Mobile enable moviegoers to satisfy their F&B cravings without leaving the auditorium. Leveraging Vista’s moviegoer app (Mobile) and staff app (InTouch), new functionality creates an integrated workflow between the two. Guests request assistance from their seat with Vista Mobile and staff responds with InTouch to resolve their enquiries. 

Cinema Intelligence, leader in business-intelligence solutions, comes to CinemaCon with three major advances. Film Manager (FM), in collaboration with Vista Cinema, provides customers with optimized booking, scheduling and analytics capabilities. Advanced Booking optimizes the booking and content-planning process with an advanced and intelligent tool that empowers cinema exhibitors to make the best decisions based on past performance, forecasting information and “what-if” analysis.  

Opus Data integration allows customers to access domestic box-office performance directly in Cinema Intelligence, removing the need to chase information on multiple industry-specific sites.

Veezi, Vista’s cloud-based cinema-management solution for independent cinemas, which will exhibit at booth 107, continues its march across the U.S. independent sector and in Europe has secured customers in Spain, France, Sweden and Finland.

MovieXchange (MX) is Vista Group’s new web platform designed to streamline historically disparate and inefficient movie industry processes. Via MX products MX Film, MX Showtimes and MX Tickets, the product enables the sharing of distributor-supplied promotional movie materials essential to exhibitors, the central availability of global (and marketable) cinema showtime data, and a single source that ticket sellers can connect to and transact against all exhibitors. Additional to the accrued benefits to distributors, exhibitors and ticketing vendors, movieXchange enables a range of streamlined options for moviegoers to choose their movie and book their seat. 

Powster will be showcasing three new product innovations in the main foyer (CI booth 26). After successful beta testing, Powster full ticketing is live. The Powster ticketing model, in part related to movieXchange’s MX Ticket Service (Vista’s new global ticketing platform), is unique to the industry. Payments are deposited directly to the cinema's merchant account, eliminating previous administrative hangups. For studios, Powster full ticketing ensures visibility and measurement of the entire purchasing process, culminating in actual ticket sales and helping the studio to sell more tickets at the cinema.

Facebook research shows 50% of group conversations on Messenger talk about movies. Powster’s Movies on Messenger allows cinemagoers to purchase movie tickets and organize groups of friends directly within Facebook Messenger. Augmented-reality movie posters will be showcased on the Powster screen using Warner Bros.’ The Meg and Paramount’s Mission: Impossible—Fallout as demonstrations. Moviegoers can now scan posters to see showtimes, watch the trailer or interact with a custom-built AR experience. 

Also during CineEurope, Mischa Kay, Vista Entertainment Solutions managing director, EMEA, will participate in the panel “Software Analytics & Digital Marketing in Cinema” on Tuesday, June 12 at 11:30 a.m. (Exhibition Hall, Level 0). Gabriel Swartland, head of client services, EMEA, for Movio, will be a panelist for “Jump-Starting Event Cinema” on Thursday, June 14 at 1:45 p.m. (Exhibition Hall, Level 0).

Visit Vista at: Vista Group booth 101, Veezi booth 107, and Powster in Cinema Intelligence booth 206.