Eclair to convert Italian cinemas with EclairBox

Technology and New Products

Eclair announced plans to convert Italian cinemas with EclairBox systems through its Italian branch, OpenSky Cinema. The announcement was made at the Ciné Giornate di Cinema 2018, the official convention of cinema exhibitors (ANEC and ANEM).

"As a pioneer in advanced technologies for the cinema industry, Eclair allows exhibitors to take a step further towards the digitalization of every Italian movie theatre,” stated Walter Munarini, managing director of Eclair Italy Opensky Cinema. “Today, cinemas can order and receive DCP content via satellite or through the shipment of hard drives. The EclairBox solution simplifies the process, offering quicker content delivery using broadband, and savings in terms of delivery costs. The EclairBox loan is free of charge in Italy. We have already started our implementation plans through our local teams and a powerful terrestrial infrastructure designed specifically for content delivery to cinema exhibitors.”

Guillaume Morel, VP of Eclair Theatrical Delivery, added: “Our ambition here is to equip all cinemas in Italy with EclairBox, a technologically advanced and economically competitive content solution. Our goal is to first target the cinemas which currently do not have any reception technology, so that they can upgrade their content delivery system and enjoy the benefits of our VPN network and EclairBox capabilities. As the EclairBox works both as a receiver via broadband and as content storage, ordering DCPs become simpler, secured with quick turnaround for cinema exhibitors. This is a real game-changer in today’s fast-evolving market.”

The EclairBox can be automatically connected to TMS (Theatre Management System) and LMS (Library Management System) in order to ingest DCPs for all screens, and is fully compatible with EclairPlay, the new content platform connecting exhibitors, distributors and content owners. Today, more than 3,400 cinemas have been connected to the Eclair content delivery network across North America, Europe and Australia.