New at the concession stand

Technology and New Products

FJI offers a select roundup of new products and innovations that are making the movie concession stand more diverse and exciting.

C. Cretors & Company

Keep safety at the forefront of your operation! Cretors’ 32, 48 and 60-oz Mach 5 Series with three and four-foot cabinets now meet the rigorous testing standards for the New York City Certificate of Approval (COA) #5759 approvals as well as the UL KNLZ and KNKG standards, making them among the safest machines on the market. This means that not only does the Mach 5 stand up to the strictest fire codes, it also includes ANSUL technology and Ventless hood design. (

Eisenberg/Home Market Foods

Fire-grilling Home Market Foods’ Cooked Perfect®Chicken Chunks locks in the juices and ensures tender chicken on the inside and full flavor on the outside. Available in popular flavors like Lemon Herb and Buffalo Ranch. 

Cooked Perfect Chicken Bites are made with all white-meat chicken breast infused with bold flavor throughout, lightly breaded and glazed, so no dipping sauces are required. Available in two flavors: Honey BBQ and Buffalo Ranch.  

Chicken RollerBites® consist of tender, juicy chicken teamed up with kickin’ spices for one epic snack. All products are fully cooked—just heat and serve. (


Let EOMAC help bring your vision to life with the inclusion of wood light boxes within your concession space! These additions are perfect for your dining space, entrance ways, hallways, as well as anywhere you can imagine. This is the perfect way to add the beauty and elegance of wood in a unique and completely customizable design. For more information, contact Jaclyn at

Gold Medal Products

Make sure your popcorn looks as great as it tastes! Featuring stunning lighting and precision temperature control, Main Street Elite Series Popcorn Staging Cabinets are designed with both performance and presentation in mind. The three-door model features individual heat controls for each compartment, allowing you to maintain the recommended temperature for each flavor of corn for up to six hours. Full depth-of-field lighting gives a bright, crystal-clear appearance. Digital controls provide improved temperature precision. And the single-pane design means there’s no gap in the glass for debris. (


Award-winning govino® products are made from a flexible, highly durable, BPA-free polymer, which reflects a wine’s color and projects its aromatics much like fine crystal. govino is shatterproof, top-rack dishwasher safe and ultimately recyclable. To learn more, visit

Great Western Products

With more than 50 years of experience, Great Western Products can assist you with all your concession needs. Popcorn is their legacy, but through the years they have expanded their product line to include other fun foods such as snow-cone syrups and floss sugar. Now Great Western introduces Sunglo Premium Flavored Toppings, available in 18 flavored-infused toppings. They will satisfy the cravings of your customers—salty, savory or sweet—and are a perfect addition to popcorn, salads or baked potatoes. Learn more at


New from Starburst…Starburst Mini Sours! These bite-sized, unwrapped Starburst chews continue to deliver the fun. Sours is the fastest-growing flavor segment in fruity confections. This new extension builds on the success of the Starburst brand by adding the new Sours flavor. Available in peg pack and standup bag, making them perfect for sharing during a movie.

Starburst Gummies Sour Berries builds on the success of the successful Starburst Gummies lineup with a highly appealing new flavor. Berry is the second-largest flavor territory and one of the fastest-growing in fruity confections, specifically in gummy. Also available in peg pack and standup bag. (

Packaging Concepts

Packaging Concepts, Inc. is again expanding their ever-growing line of concession packaging. They are now manufacturing 85-oz. and 130-oz. paper popcorn tubs that are offset-printed, with up to 175-line screen, for the best possible printing in the industry. The tubs are available in both custom and stock design prints. As movie exhibitors continue to increase their concession offerings, PCI is there to assist with design, graphics and delivery of quality concession packaging, at an economical cost. Visit Packaging Concepts at NAC booth 210, or contact them by phone at (314) 329-9700; by e-mail at; or by logging onto

Proctor Companies

Flash-chill your keg beer!The Chill-Rite-32 Flash Beer Chiller serves cold, 36º beer from unrefrigerated kegs. The 120-volt unit can dispense from two kegs at once. Sitting on casters so it’s easy to move and designed to deliver large volumes of cold beer in short periods of time, it’s perfect for events and high-volume fixed-base operations. The unit is easy to clean by flushing with water. The Chill-Rite-32 means less hassle, less waste and stronger profits. To learn more, contact Proctor Companies at 800-221-3699 or

Ready Theatre Systems

The most cost-effective hardware option yet, Ready Theatre Systems’ SP 5514 is designed to optimize workflow with a sleek, small footprint. The unit will arrive at your location with RTS installed and configured to your server. Please contact RTS’ sales department for pricing and ordering information. (