US Polarizer enters 3D market


A new company, US Polarizer LLC, has entered the polarized film business. Industry veteran Paul Caramagna is the general manager.

US Polarizer is located in Marlborough, Mass., and manufactures a full line of both linear and circular film materials for use in technical/industrial applications and lenses for 3D glasses worldwide. Polarized films are used in a variety of technical applications where the use and control of light as a tool of measurement, product inspection, photography and educational materials is essential.

The company’s debut comes amidst a resurgence of 3D movies and the recent introduction of 3D HDTVs to the global market.

“US Polarizer is the only supplier of polarized films in the USA, and our circular products provide the highest left eye/right eye extinction rate in the industry. This means a clearer and sharper image for the movie patron,” Caramagna stated. US Polarizer will also provide custom product enhancements to meet special customer needs.

Caramagna has over 40 years of experience in the motion picture equipment industry. He is joined by Ralph Melanson, operations manager, who brings an extensive engineering background in equipment design and manufacturing.

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