NEC unveils first 4K digital-cinema projector


NEC Display Solutions of America announced the availability of the NC3240S, its first 4K DLP digital-cinema projector, which joins d-cinema projector models NC1200C, NC2000C and NC3200S.

Equipped with the new 1.38” 4K DLP Cinema® Chip from Texas Instruments, the NC3240S is fully DCI-compliant. The projector provides a brightness of 31,000 ANSI lumens and offers bright images on screens up to 105 feet wide.

The NC3240S offers a newly designed cooling system, which creates positive air pressure internally to prevent contaminates from entering the main chassis; a 4 KW variant for smaller screens; and custom DMD shielding, which protects the projector from dust and oil; and a 3D control connector and optional automatic turret to mount polarizers in front of the lens.

The 7KW version of the cinema projector will be available from the beginning of 2011 together with the 4KW variant for smaller screens. NEC will also be offering a 4K upgrade option for its current NC3200S 2K model.

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