NATO launches the CinemaCon Convention


Anything that lasts for 36 years must be considered successful. The Las Vegas-based annual convention for the motion picture industry has surely had its ups and downs, but needless to say, it has been an integral part of the movie business.

What started at the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego as a regional convention for theatrical exhibition has grown into the largest convention of its kind. Named ShoWest by the California/Nevada division of the National Association of Theatre Owners, the show emerged as the pre-eminent venue for international exhibition. For the last ten years, the convention was managed by Sunshine Group Worldwide, Nielsen, and in its final year by this magazine’s publisher, Prometheus Global Media.

Today, the newly named CinemaCon is being managed and is owned by the National Association of Theatre Owners and is back to its roots as a convention run by exhibition for exhibition. While maintaining the annual show’s home in Las Vegas, CinemaCon is making a dramatic move to Caesars Palace, a bigger hotel with better meeting facilities. Best of all, the new venue provides the opportunity for all the delegates to experience product reels and screenings in one theatre setting.

Although ShoWest has run successfully for 36 years, CinemaCon enters this space for the first time, and the delegates are expecting a fun and educational program. We are confident that under the direction of Mitch Neuhauser and Andrew Sunshine, CinemaCon will achieve all its goals and even surpass them. Congratulations to NATO and all those who have helped make this inaugural event a great success.

Chris Dodd Joins the Fight
The fight against piracy is one that must be waged by everyone in the motion picture industry. For too long a time, the battle was left up to the studios and their lobbying arm, the Motion Picture Association of America.

Over the past decade, attitudes have changed drastically, and now exhibition is pulling their load and is deeply entrenched in this battle, as most pirated prints in the first weeks of a film’s release come from camcording in movie theatres. Thanks to the effective campaigns and educational programs of the National Association of Theatre Owners, exhibition is now playing a dramatic role in this effort.

Now, with former U.S. Senator Christopher Dodd being named to head the MPAA and with his clout in Congress, it is certain that one of his primary concerns and efforts will be fighting piracy. In an official statement from the MPAA, Dodd said that “protecting this great American export will be my highest priority.”

Chris Dodd is known for taking a hard stand and is well-respected in the political arena. It appears that the MPAA companies have taken a bold step that should produce substantial results during his term as CEO of the organization. We wish Senator Dodd good luck and much success in his new position.

40 Years of Innovation
One of the greatest milestones ever in the motion picture industry was the application of Dolby’s cinema program, which brought groundbreaking Dolby A-Type noise reduction to sound in movie theatres.

Ask anyone and they will tell you that the name Dolby is equated with great cinema sound. Dolby holds a unique position in the movie industry, as the company is seen as a technology innovator, equipment manufacturer and service provider. Because of its singular role, Dolby is involved in all phases of the moviemaking process, from the shooting stages, through post-production, to the theatres, and this allows them to help devise creative solutions to address industry needs.

Film Journal International is pleased to congratulate Dolby on 40 years of cinema innovation. What a great achievement to have accomplished so much for the industry! Our digital cinema editor Bill Mead has assembled a wonderful tribute to this extraordinary company. Their creative talents take them way past just improving sound but also as leaders in raising the quality of the cinema presentation. We wish Dolby 40 more years of innovative accomplishments and hope you enjoy reading this special section.