Cretors introduces three-blade carmelizer


C. Cretors and Company recently introduced the CMD 100 machine, a stainless-steel caramelizer which is a combination of cooker and mixer. Unique to caramelizing equipment, the CMD line features a three-blade system and digital temperature control.

The first blade is a stirrer blade that rests near the bottom of the kettle and prevents product from sticking to the pan. The next two blades direct the corn during mixing to the center of the kettle in a folding action that prevents the corn from rising too high in the kettle and overflowing. The action is similar to that of folding egg whites versus beating them with a wooden spoon; it is a system that encourages better coverage while reducing breakage.

As is true with most candy cooking, the candy coatings that are mixed into popcorn must be cooked at an exact temperature. Eliminating the guesswork associated with a typical thermostat, the CMD’s digital temperature control allows the user to keep constant track of the cooking temperature. This system works on a thermal couple, monitoring both the temperature of the kettle as well as the temperature of the product. It also includes a sensing element that will shut down the heat if it detects a thermocouple malfunction.

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