Barcelona's Sonoblok studio installs imm sound


Sonoblok, one of the leading film-production reference companies of southern Europe, opened an imm sound studio. The studio is located in Room 1 of the Sonoblok dubbing studios in Barcelona, Spain. Equipped with a JBL 5.1 monitor system, the room was adapted to imm’s monitor configuration of 23.1.

The heart of the imm sound system is the Immersive Audio Workstation, a piece of hardware that allows the engineer to create 3D panning and generate imm files as well as current standard versions. The unit also enables room equalization and reproduction of the imm soundtrack for final checks at the completion of the project.

A 32 channel DFC-NEVE Gemini has been incorporated as the mixing console, acting as a bridge between Pro Tools and IAW reproduction systems through its MADI connections.

According to imm, several international producers have already shown interest in creating the mix for their films in imm format, and mixing will begin this April for two new films.