SmartJog and CineLab team up for digital distribution in Russia


SmartJog and CineLab reached a long-term agreement for the license of SmartJog digital-cinema distribution solutions as a white-label service and product for the operations of the CineLab Data Delivery Network in Russia and CIS. The agreement was executed after a pilot phase that concluded recently with several multicasts of feature films to cinemas connected to the CineLab network.

With this announcement, SmartJog, a leading operator of a digital-cinema network in Western Europe, with over 800 cinemas connected to its satellite and fiber hybrid platform, is launching a global strategy to offer its technology and its cloud-based solutions to other international licensees worldwide who want to manage and operate their own electronic distribution network for digital cinema. The U.S. office of SmartJog in Los Angeles will lead the commercialization of this new line of products.

Under this agreement, SmartJog provides gateway solutions that are hosted on the CineLab servers and NOC applications for CineLab to manage and supervise their network. In addition, CineLab is sharing resources with SmartJog’s d-cinema network and operations, based in Paris, for commissioning of new sites, traffic monitoring and network supervision. CineLab has been providing DCP mastering services, KDM and physical media delivery to several Russian distributors for three years. Delivery via satellite was a natural extension to their activity and it will simplify availability of digital film content, particularly to remote regional cinemas in Russia and neighboring countries.

“CineLab has deployed a digital cinema network which includes today over 200 cinema sites in Russia and Kazakhstan, with a reach to 436 screens and a target to connect all digitized cinemas in Russia and CIS,” confirmed Denis Glinsky, CEO of CineLab Group.