REI Cinemas selects Barco for d-cinema transition


Barco was selected as the exclusive digital-cinema provider to convert 26 screens owned by REI Cinemas in South Carolina. In partnership with d-cinema integrator CineVision Corporation, Barco deployed its DP2K-20C DLP Cinema® projectors in the exhibitor's theatres in three sites.

REI Cinemas' new 100% digital-cinema footprint includes both 2D and 3D projectors, which can be upgraded to Barco's Enhanced 4K model. REI converted to digital with the help of Cinedigm's long-term virtual-print-fee agreement.

“We're proud to be working with REI Cinemas as they revolutionize their theatres,” commented Scott Freidberg, VP of digital-cinema sales for Barco North America. “The digital model now reaches into every demographic and REI has certainly transformed the cinema experience in the northwestern part of South Carolina.”