Mexico's Cinemex chooses Arts Alliance d-cinema software


Cinemex, the world’s sixth-largest exhibitor, selected Arts Alliance Media (AAM) to be the exclusive provider of software to its cinema screens across Mexico. The chain, which has 2,000 screens in Mexico, will use AAM’s proprietary software suite to manage content across all its digital-cinema estate.

Cinemex, which is negotiating its own VPF (Virtual Print Fee) deals directly with the studios, will roll out digital across its network over the next 18 months, and will utilize a range of AAM software products to manage various aspects of the deployment.

All screens will employ AAM’s newly enhanced “Screenwriter” Theatre Management System to manage content, playlist, scheduling and reports, and the enterprise “Producer” software will be used to manage the entire Cinemex chain with circuit-wide schedule management, centralized advertising and pre-show creation, and dynamic playlist updating.

For monitoring and maintenance of all screens, Cinemex will use AAM’s “Lifeguard” suite to monitor equipment 24/7, and provide notifications of any exceptions which need to be resolved. AAM’s “Auditor” will manage all aspects of Cinemex’s VPF deployment, managing and tracking all equipment deployed in the field, gathering data and reconciling to booking reports.

To deliver advertising across the Cinemex network, the circuit will use “Courier,” the content delivery system designed to deliver centrally stored content to sites over existing network connections, providing complete control and visibility over all pre-show content.

Andrei Savtchenko, head of information technology at Cinemex, said, “Managing a digital rollout across a circuit of 2,000 screens can be a logistical challenge, but with AAM’s integrated software that has been repeatedly proven in the field, we know that all the details and commitments for running a digital-cinema chain will be taken care of by software built by digital-cinema experts.”