Harkness Screens to hold free web seminar on energy efficiency


Continuing rises in energy prices mean that cinema exhibitors throughout the world are becoming more conscious of the need to manage and reduce energy consumption within their auditoria to assist in maintaining overall profit levels.

Aligned to this, there is now a significant focus on achieving industry-standard brightness levels for 2D and 3D presentations. This adds a further dynamic as exhibitors seek to manage digital projection equipment to reach desired brightness levels while minimizing increased operating costs, such as digital-cinema lamps which are significantly higher compared to 35mm projection.

In a free web seminar from Harkness Screens on Sept. 4, thought-leaders in screen technology and presentation brightness will show you how cinema operators can significantly reduce auditoria operating costs, increase energy efficiency and meet corporate social responsibility targets.

The seminar will explore:
* Why the costs of digital projection are significantly higher than 35mm film projection.
* The benefit of using gain screens.
* Practical examples of cost savings that can be achieved from using gain screens.
* Design, construction and technical considerations for auditorium design when using gain screens.

For further information on this event and to register online, please click here.