Digital directory: FJI's guide to d-cinema companies


Film Journal International presents its inaugural guide to major manufacturers and enabling companies active in bringing digital technology to cinemas.


VP of Sales, North America: Scott Freidberg, 916-494-3377
Specialists in providing total digital-cinema solutions.

Featured Product
The flagship model in Barco’s wide arsenal of DLP Cinema projectors, the DP4K-32B is an essential component to deliver the premium, immersive cinema experience. An ultra-bright Enhanced 4K resolution projector for screens up to 32m, the DP4K-32B features extremely sharp, vivid image quality, with an easy-to-use modular design and an exceptionally long lifetime. Highly efficient optical design, a patented DMD cooling system, and reusable filers contribute to the low total cost of ownership. From 3D to High Frame Rate to giant-screen movie presentation, the DP4K-32B provides the answer for delivering the ultimate movie experience.

Senior Director, Product Management, Entertainment Solutions: Don Shaw, 519-741-3853
Provider of world-class projectors and display solutions. Christie Managed Services offers a full suite of professional technical services.

Featured Product

Access a world of audio and video content with the Christie SKA-3D—the Swiss army knife of cinema processors. This powerful product innovation delivers flawless audio performance and 2D/3D image playback from virtually any content source on any brand of projector with separate L/R eye dual DVI inputs. It is a true, high-caliber “all in one” cinema processor that ends equipment rack clutter by combining multiple units typically found in a projection booth—an audio processor, digital crossovers, video scaler, 3D decoders, video cross-conversion and more—into a single, lightweight and compact box.

Worldwide screens: About 33,000

Managers, International Sales: Christoph Baur, Elmar Orf, Lutz Schmidt, 49 8989 44460
Customizable d-cinema solutions. DCP projectors manufactured by Kinoton, based on projection technology provided by Barco.

Featured Product

The advanced DCA Digital Cinema Automation, based on state-of-the-art CAN-Bus technology, integrates any d-cinema server and audio processor fast and seamlessly with conventional auditorium functions like curtain and masking controls, auditorium lights or door openers, guaranteeing fully automated shows.

Sales Executive: Jessica Mize, 630-467-4343
World-class digital-cinema projectors.

Featured Product
NEC’s NC900C is the first projector to incorporate the new S2K chipset from Texas Instruments. Perfect for small theatre screens, this projector can render a screen width up to 29 feet in DCI specifications and delivers 3D HFR content. The NC900C offers a multitude of connections, including dual HDSDI 3G interfaces, an HDMI 1.4a connector, USB and two Gigabit Ethernet ports. This dual-lamp projector will be available in December 2012 with a built-in Integrated Media Server and variety of bayonet lenses.

North American screens: More than 5,000
Worldwide screens: Approx. 16,000

VP, Sales, Sony Digital Cinema Solutions: Susie Beiersdorf, 201-358-4416
Leading 4K projection company, providing end-to-end solutions for exhibitors.

Featured Product
Sony Digital Cinema’s new SRX-R515 high-quality 4K digital-cinema projection system is designed for use in independent small or medium-sized screen auditoria. The next-generation 4K projection system, which has a smaller body than the SRX-R320, is fully DCI-compliant and boasts design features that make it more cost-effective and simple to use. These include a lower-cost light-source system that allows easy and safe lamp replacement, a washable air filter, a single 15-inch GUI control panel, and iPad and Android tablet support for remote operations.

Worldwide screens: More than 13,000


Sales Director, Cinema: Tim Schafbuch, 415-645-5040

Featured Product
The latest addition to the Dolby Digital Cinema family of products, the Dolby Screen Server DSS220 with Integrated Media Block (IMB) is designed exclusively to be paired with a DLP Cinema® Series 2 projector and is capable of playing 2K and 4K content, as well as High Frame Rate 3D (both 48 and 60fps). Gigabit Ethernet connectivity gives customers maximum flexibility for infrastructure and booth design, while Dolby’s class-leading user interface makes managing your theatre a breeze.

Worldwide screens: 14,400

VP, Sales: Michael Aarcher, 818-562-1101

Featured Product
Doremi’s IMB/ShowVault™ solution provides numerous advanced features such as High Frame Rate support, 4K projector image playback support, dual 3G SDI inputs, HDMI 3D input with HDCP, and scaling capabilities to 2K or 4K resolutions. All video inputs utilize a single audio output via RJ45 for simple cabling to the audio processor. The IMB supports de-interlacing of 1080i inputs, and plays all formats in native XYZ to avoid switching formats on the projector.
(For DLP® Series II projectors only)

North American screens: 16,000
Worldwide screens: 42,500
Leading territories: North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA), Australia & New Zealand

VP, Sales: Annie Wang,
877-337-0868 (toll-free), 571-313-0569 (direct)

Featured Product
GDC Tech introduces the SX-3000 Standalone Integrated Media BlockTM (“IMB”), which makes boothless design practical. The SX-3000 does not require a server attached, which significantly lowers operation, maintenance and installation costs. In addition to its High Frame Rate capability in both 2D and 3D, the SX-3000 has the added benefit of supporting digital connectivity for alternative content such as 3G-SDI, HDMI input and network streaming with image-scaling from HD to 4K, also it supports MPEG2 and MPEG4 format. The SX-3000 permits long-distance 2K and 4K content streaming and remote access via gigabit Ethernet, thereby greatly simplifying cinema multiplex operation. A simple yet feature-rich upgrade package will be available on the GDC SX series servers in third quarter (Q3) of 2012.

North American screens: close to 8,000
Worldwide screens: more than 20,000
Leading territories: No. 1 in Asia and no. 2 worldwide.

Director of Sales & Marketing, Americas: Eric Bergez, 818-800-7898
Preferred mastering software at top facilities across America, Europe and Asia
Customers include Technicolor, Sony Pictures, Dreamworks, FotoKem, Lumini, Deluxe, Arts Alliance, ScreenVision, IMAX and Arri. Specializing in giant screens and specialty venues around the world. Featured at the Venice and Berlin Film Festivals.

Featured Product
Qube XP-D Digital Cinema Server with DCI compliant 3.0 software, and Qube XP-I Storage Server with Qube Xi 4K Integrated Media Block (IMB). The modularized version 3.0 software provides a common user experience for setup and operation of both servers, and supports High Frame Rate stereoscopic 3D systems. The Qube Xi is the first digital-cinema product overcoming restrictions of previous PCI Express-based IMBs, making boothless projection a reality. Qube Xi offers 4K 3D and 120 fps per-eye HFR 3D using dual projectors playing from a single High Bitrate DCP with picture encoded at up to 1,000 Mbps.

Worldwide screens: 4,000+ in 33 countries
Worldwide commitments for future installations: 2,000+
Leading territories: Korea, Europe, India, Middle East, Australia


Sales Director, Cinema: Tim Schafbuch, 415-645-5040
Dolby 3D uses a standard DLP digital-cinema projector, with a Dolby 3D color filter wheel that filters the light path before the image is formed. As a result, the image itself is not altered, which preserves both its color and its quality.
Worldwide screens: 10,000

VP, Sales: Astina Lang
DCI-compliant 3D solution successfully tested by the Hollywood studios.
Worldwide screens: More than 1,000

VP, Sales: Jeff Rische
The DepthQ® Polarization Modulator for 3D digital cinema, when combined with a silver screen, allows your d-cinema projector to display stereoscopic 3D films, viewable using inexpensive, passive, circular polarized glasses.

Director, Digital Cinema: George Stewart, 323-606-7800
Digital 3D cinema system supplier with an ownership-based pricing model.

Featured Product
MasterImage 3D’s MI-CLARITY3D digital-cinema system brings immaculate 3D images to theatre guests and operational flexibility to theatre owners. It provides optimum color fidelity and enhanced light efficiency, supports high-frame-rate 3D content and provides a low cost-of-ownership business model.

President, Worldwide Cinema: Joe Peixoto, 310-385-4000
Global licensor of 3D technology for motion picture theatres. All RealD cinema systems are compatible with 2K and 4K projectors and support high-frame-rate 3D presentations, including 48 fps and 60 fps double flash—192 Hz and 240 Hz, respectively. Mounting solutions for all major DLP Cinema projectors allow for easy transition between 2D and 3D.
Worldwide screens: 20,200

VP, Sales & Business Development, EMEA: Bernard Collard, 352 208 814 67
U.S. Sales: Glenn Arentzoff

Featured Product
XPAND small-sized cinema 3D glasses are made to fit the heads of the youngest cinema audience. Much lighter in weight, they make every moviegoer’s 3D experience an enjoyable event. The frame of the glasses weighs only 1.4 oz. and is approximately six inches long and wide, which makes it especially appropriate for children. Performance levels match those of other XPAND Cinema products: the 3D image is bright and crisp. The glasses feature the standard button cell battery, which can easily be replaced.
Worldwide screens: About 6,000


Managing Director, Digital Platforms: Charles Constable
44 1962 823434
Network solutions and services in the digital world. Arqiva provides much of the infrastructure behind television, radio, satellite and wireless communications in the U.K. and has a significant presence in Ireland, mainland Europe and the USA.

Senior VP, Digital Cinema: Gwendal Auffret, 44 207 751 7500
Arts Alliance Media, based in London with offices in Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Oslo and Berlin, is a worldwide leader in digital cinema, offering a complete range of services, as well as VPF financing solutions. These services include installation, maintenance and support for d-cinema systems, software solutions developed in-house, management and delivery of content to cinemas, and alternative content and live events. Currently AAM has over 3,200 screens signed up in multiple territories, including with many leading exhibitors across Europe, and has Virtual Print Fee agreements in place with all six Hollywood studios. The London-based Network Operations Centre supports over 5,500 screens around the world. The company’s digital cinema lab has mastered over 2,500 titles to date and shipped hundreds of thousands of DCPs. AAM’s strategic partnership with Arqiva allows exhibitors to benefit from satellite delivery of content.

VP, Technical Services: John Biegel,
800-424-1215, ext. 314
402-453-4444, ext, 314
Provider of digital-cinema projection equipment and services as well as cinema screens, motion picture projectors, specialty lighting equipment, technical/installation services and NOC (Network Operations Center) services.
Strong Technical Services is dedicated to the design, installation, and service of the complete range of film and digital systems. Strong Integration Services enhances the process by providing the assembly, integration, configuration, test and deployment of digital systems.

President, Digital Cinema: Gary Loffredo, 424-281-5400
A leader in providing the services, experience, technology and content critical to transforming movie theatres into digital and networked entertainment centers.
Worldwide screens: 10,300

Sales and Marketing Director: Till Cussman
A Pan-European end-to-end cinema sales and service organization born from the rebranding of XDC, FTT and Bewegte Bilder. With full geographic coverage across all European countries, dcinex™ operates under two main business lines: exhibitor services and content services. dcinex exhibitor services provides end-to-end solutions for movies theatres, from financing and deployment to training, maintenance and support services. dcinex content services offers a complete range of postproduction, mastering and transcoding as well as Pan-European physical and electronic delivery, digital rights management and alternative content.

VP, Sales and Customer Service: Tom Lipiec, 714-751-7998
Full complement of motion picture equipment and services. Master reseller of NEC’s full line of DCI-compliant DLP projection systems.

VP, Sales, D-cinema (EMEA): Nicolas Dussert, 33 1 5868 6210
Digital Cinema Package (DCP) deliveries for studios, labs, distributors and advertising agencies to European theatres.

European Business Development: Manel Carreras, 33 1 7544 8888
Created by professionals of the cinema industry, Ymagis is an independent company entirely and exclusively dedicated to digital cinema. Ymagis mainly runs a VPF model in Western Europe as well as a full-services lab facility in Paris and DCP/KDM facility in Barcelona. Ymagis has started to sell and install digital equipment in theatres, with more than 100 rooms done to date. As of July 2012, Ymagis has deployed more than 1,800 screens and has signed VPF contracts for more than 2,300 screens across Europe.